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What is MarineSeismicSurvey.com?

This website was originally created as a site focused on  the marine geophysical service sector that provides data acquisition, processing and imaging services to the oil and gas industry. 


Psychological Murder

PGS ASA & Equinor’s Narcissism Places Lives in Danger



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Business ethics and sound business practices are important to all professionals in every industry. A Code of Conduct and Core Values matter and are part of the contractual terms and conditions of employment and are also a promise made to all customers and stakeholders.

Therefore, I also must blog about unethical business practices which cannot be tolerated in our professions and businesses.

The marine geophysical services sector interacts with, and impacts, numerous businesses within and outside the oil and gas industry. These businesses are part of communities around the globe.

Professionals have a duty to identify corruption and wrong-doing by those with entrusted power.

Corruption and the abuse of entrusted power disrupts the business environment and fuels the inappropriate distribution of resources that leads to, income inequality and poverty. Corruption furthers the despair and resentment between peoples and countries which can lead to wars and destruction.