2015 MSS Blogs

2015 Marine Seismic Survey Blogs

Multi-Proprietary Marine Seismic (7 December 2015)
Riding the Wave of Uncertainty in the Marine Seismic Value Chain (27 November 2015)
Oil, IS and Why I have No Fear of Muslims (30 November 2015)
3D Marine Seismic and the Problem with Vessel Efficiency (9 November 2015)
Not So Fast! A Battle for 3D Marine Seismic Vessel Capacity? (28 October 2015)
Big News in 3D Marine Seismic. Will Less Mean More? (23 October 2015)
The Rise and Decline of the 3D Streamer Fleet (24 August 2015)
Revisiting Deming (19 July 2015)
Whose Oil Is It? (24 June 2015)

Upstream Exploration and the Paradox of Choice (5 June 2015)

The Seismic Vessel Over-Capacity Problem (First post, 5 May 2015)