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London Landau Law Illegal Settlements and Perverting the Course of Justice

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This website, exists because Philip Simon Landau, principal of Landau Law Solicitors, is a criminal peice of shit who perverts the course of justice. If Philip Landau’s settlement contract on behalf of USA citizen client, SDK were a legal instrument, SDK should be sued in the courts of England for disparaging his former employer, co-workers, customers, and competitors of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, Surrey, England. The last thing criminal Philip Simon Landau wants to do is go to an English court because he would go to English prison shortly thereafter. My hope is that he does spend a long time in prison for his fraud and debasement of the legal profession and crimes against me and my family.

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PINTEREST Pins Exists because of the London Employment Solicitor (Bribe-Taker and Fraudster) Philip Simon Landau Illegal Settlement

Website Exists because of the London Employment Solicitor (Embezzler – Extortionist) Philip Simon Landau Illegal Settlement

Website Exists because of the London Employment Solicitor (Fraudster, Coward) Philip Simon Landau Illegal Settlement

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PINTEREST inspired by Philip Landau advice: Q4 2022 Norway Aasland Reinhardsen PGS Equinor

Philip Landau aided and abetted in the theft of website through extortion to silence exposing his crimes through remaining silent when Confidentiality terms in his advised-on contract were breached.

PGS ASA – Private Placement Successfully Placed

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Why isn’t the former Tier 2 visa sponsor and employer of USA citizen SDK, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, Weybridge, Surrey, England upset with the London Employment Solicitor Philip Simon Landau Rubbish Settlement Contract that is supposed to prohibit the publication of content that disparages Norwegian company (organized criminal oil and gas cartel) PGS ASA or any of its subsidiaries and stakeholders?

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Philip Simon Landau, principal at London Landau Law and former principal at LZW Law Limited discriminated, defrauded, and defamed USA citizen client SDK. Philip Simon Landau aided and abetted criminals who illegally denied sponsored Tier 2 visa holder to submit and follow the required workplace grievance process. Philip Simon Landau conspired to create fraudulent personnel records to blacklist whistleblower SDK. Philip Simon Landau defrauded the UK, USA, and Thailand immigration agencies. Philip Simon Landau also defrauded the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who oversee personal data processing compliance. Philip Simon Landau has misrepresented unsigned and inaccurate personnel records as compliant to data protection laws. Every record processed to support the illegal termination of a whistleblower is illegal, and therefore in violation of the UK Data Protection Act.

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Philip Simon Landau misrepresented his client, SDK, a USA citizen sponsored on Tier 2 visa along with family dependents, to be removed from England and sent to the USA under false pretenses. Philip Simon Landau aided criminals through helping them remove their victim of crimes from the UK and thus essentially taking away SDKs legal right to use the UK criminal and civil justice system.

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