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Watson Farley & Williams’ Neeta Aulak

The London Employment Law Racket – Part 2

PGS ASA CEO & President, as well as former PGS ASA General Counsel, Rune Olav Pedersen, does not consider any of the several images and blog articles posted online since 3 July 2015 disparaging or a breach of the Confidentiality terms and conditions of PGS ASA employment contracts GOVERNED BY THE LAWS of ENGLAND. PGS ASA enlists Global legal firm Watson Farley & Williams to advise them on their employment contracts. Both PGS ASA and Watson Farley & Williams QUIETLY LOVE THESE PUBLICATIONS. How else could they remain published?

HR Is Not Your Friend. Before You Complain At Work, Watch This…

Neeta Aulak is a disgrace to the legal profession and should be investigated for multiple crimes. This employment law racket hurts the honest hard working professional and protects the corrupt and evil corporate elite and their minions. Aulak has a contract that allows her to sue the author, SDK. The problem is that the contract is fraudulent, just like Neeta Aulak “compliance.”

In London, employee’s who are proffered a settlement contract to end their employment are required to seek the advice of a solicitor/lawyer.

This requirement for solicitor advice to accept a settlement offer makes termination by settlement contract an inside game for lawyers. Corporations obviously have an advantage of the purse. Unscrupulous lawyers/solicitors will put on their show understanding always where the money comes from. The most lucrative market is to favor the party that controls the money. This is the racket. It is the perfect recipe for bribery, fraud, and embezzlement to intimidate the hapless employee into accepting terms and conditions that favor the corrupt moneyed corporation. Law firms protect corrupt management and dispose of harassed and abused employees through manipulating the fair and legal processes and raking-in the cash. Corrupt global law firm Watson Farley & Williams is at the pinnacle of this corruption.

This website can only exists because Watson Farley & Williams got caught. Still, Watson Farley & Williams continue to pervert the course of justice and lie with impunity due to a dysfunctional compliance and police system that seems impotent against white collar corporate crime. Watson Farley & Williams’ fraudulent contracts with their confidentiality terms and conditions are never invoked because all lawyers involved know these instruments are to intimidate the abused into silence. They are worthless in a just court room. Neeta Aulak knows this better than most lawyers of “compliance.”