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The Abominable Narcissistic Management of Corruption and Breach of Contract to Harm a Foreign-worker Whistleblower

Norway’s PGS ASA has no interest in resolving the online publishing of legal and contractually protected public disclosure in a fair and reasonable way. At its core, the dispute SDK has been pleading for justice since June 2013. PGS ASA has been allowed through a dysfunctional and corrupt compliance system and the support of Norwegian government officials to protect the abusers and criminals robbing investors and destroying the value of state-owned enterprises, such as Equinor. If SDK allegations are true and resolved equitably through due process, then SDK is probably owed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of US dollars in damages by the directors and executives who participated in the fraud and defamation to silence a law-abiding USA citizen whistleblower. PGS ASA has been perverting the course of justice to avoid such legal due process. Thus, many PGS ASA directors and executives would be facing time behind bars for the acts which they perpetrated against SDK. PGS ASA has invested substantial resources to protect the corrulipt PGS ASA Board of Directors and management that defrauds and devalues company investors, employees, the oil and gas industry and even the Norwegian people. The Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance has no value nor utility if it is not followed and a small group of corrupt corporate elite are allowed to pilfer the wealth from law abiding citizens who try to play fair globally. Norway’s export of corruption is a terrible thing. As the extent of Norway’s corporate corrupt becomes better known and recognized, Norway’s business practices will not be assumed above board without scrutiny.