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Silent Treatment is a type of Passive-Aggressive Abuse

The silent treatment is a common tactic used by covert narcissists and other manipulators. The silent treatment is a passive – aggressive power-game intended to control the targets behavior. The silent-treatment is a form punishment that aids the abuser to avoid responsibility and maintain control. Norwegian corporation PGS ASA is a very corrupt organization. PGS ASA had the whistle blown on them in 2013. A corrupt PGS ASA governance and compliance system has never performed their legal fiduciary duties. In fact, PGS ASA have done just the opposite! USA citizen SDK had worked for different subsidiaries of PGS ASA. SDK believes that PGS ASA defrauded, defamed, and illegally terminated him from employment in retaliation for blowing the whistle. PGS ASA breached the employment contract on multiple levels. Whistleblowing was protected and retaliatory actions against a whistleblower was illegal. PGS ASA also provided misrepresentations to UK Border Agency and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). PGS ASA has been very very naughty.

Since July 2015, SDK has published evidence and allegations online. From July 2015 – August 2016, SDK published whistle blowing articles on the LinkedIn Pulse platform. PGS ASA again breached contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions and never did their. PGS ASA promise to employee’s, customers, and shareholders, was to investigate the whistleblowing claims and take actions against corruption. Instead, SDKs legally and contractually protected public disclosure was misrepresented as “defamatory” and SDK was restricted from LinkedIn. SDK started website nopgs.com soon after this restriction and re-published content taken down from LinkedIn and also published new content. SDK also had tried to get the PGS ASA compliance office to do their job from April 2016 – September 2016 through sending several e-mails. From August 2016 – December 2018, SDK published legally and contractually protected articles online. However, in September 2018, PGS ASA and former PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, an company residing in England, lawyer and secretary Carl Richards filed “criminal defamation” charges against SDK while he resided in Thailand.

PGS ASA again misrepresented legally and contractually protected public disclosure as defamation. PGS ASA again breached their contractual terms and conditions with SDK. Under threat of criminal prosecution in Thailand by PGS ASA and Carl Richards, PGS ASAs hired law firm in Thailand, Duensing – Kippen, extorted SDK into signing yet another compromise agreement while two other contracts governed by English law were in effect. SDK has challenged the legality of this contract too. Let’s cut to the chase. If PGS ASA defrauded and defamed SDK, then SDK is owed thousands, if not millions, of US dollars in damages. Those involved also should face prison sentences. PGS ASA has never wanted to resolve their complaints in the English court system. This is why SDK was harassed and persecuted by Duensing – Kippen. Only one person from PGS ASA has ever communicated directly with SDK about the online publications. This person is John Francas, PGS UK Head of Legal. SDK is now in the USA and PGS ASA through Duensing – Kippen wants to resolve the issue through the Thai legal system.

SDK was apparently requested to defend his publication in Thailand 25 May 2020. But, there is no travel allowed to Thailand due to COVID-19. PGS ASA has remained silent since learning of this. But, more significant is that the only reason SDK has published so much content is that PGS ASA have refused to contact or comment on the published content. PGS ASA continues to waste and misuse shareholder resources so that they can escape being held accountable for their corrupt and inept direction and management. PGS ASA would demand that SDK spend thousands of dollars to face ridiculous charges in Thailand than actually write a damn letter explaining what exactly is defamatory within SDK publications? SDK does not publish defamatory material. SDK has evidence of criminal wrong-doing. Most of SDKs publications request a full police / third-party investigation. That is not defamatory. A victim of crimes asking for justice is not defamatory. And that is why PGS ASA want a rigged outcome from Thailand to absolve them of many wrongs.

Letter to UK Companies House and Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (24-Sep-2018)