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Open Letter to Board of Directors (18-Jun-2017)

Open Letter to Board of Directors


Name of Company & Recipients Omitted

No Response Ever Received

ATTN:                                    Chairman of the Board of Directors

CC  Directors:                     Other Board of Directors Members

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Board of Directors Members:

  1. The <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board of directors and several senior managers are corrupt and have behaved immorally and criminally to the detriment of the enterprise and its stakeholders.
  2. <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board of directors and several senior managers, including compliance officers, need to be investigated thoroughly by a third-party for corruption and fraud.

I am writing this letter in order to reiterate directly and publicly my concerns regarding the direction and management of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company>

The <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> Board of Directors, <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> Executive Management, and several other senior managers have abrogated their legal agency responsibilities to the detriment of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> stakeholders, competitors, the marine seismic service sector, as well as the greater oil and gas (O&G) industry.

As a general rule, given the choice, most would prefer not to do business with evil and dishonest moral degenerates.  Thus, the long-term business success and future of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> is in jeopardy with the current board and executive composition of the enterprise.

Several articles have been written highlighting pointed allegations of director and manager malfeasance and corruption (Link to Page Listing Articles / Links has been removed).  Be forewarned that the recently announced resignation of the President and CEO of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> will not stop such publications.  The objective is justice and so the board and any newly appointed executive will still be accountable for past transgressions.  At least the world-wide-web has a memory for truth and accountability.

The several pointed public allegations of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> agent corruption have been made and they require and deserve a responsible public response and accountability.  An ethically directed and managed enterprise would not hesitate in the opportunity to vindicate and defend enterprise and agent decisions and reputations.  At the very least, it would be the respectable thing to do.  This is what pledged  <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> Core Values are all about.

It has been remarked that <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> non-response is a commercial decision.  But, directors and executives failing to defend their honor and take responsibility for decisions and actions is only self-serving.  It is the very definition of corruption.  Such decisions only benefit the corrupt and criminal agents/actors.  The unfortunate truth is that <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> is directed by the ethically bankrupt and self-serving.  Such indifference is a blemish on all professionals and a danger to all stakeholders.

It is never commercially beneficial for an organization to have a damaged reputation and to be toxically and corruptly directed and managed.  Such toxic organizations can never perform optimally.  This is a fact.  Therefore, commercial benefit to an organization can only be achieved through ethical and disciplined management guidance and practices.

The PGS board and management transgressions are specifically in reference to the responsibilities of PGS board members, which are set forth within the published Rules of Procedureclause 1.3, and clause 2.1:

Clause 1.3:

1.3 The Board is responsible for supervising the business activities of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> . This includes controlling and implementing measures with the aim of ensuring that:

  • the CEO uses proper and effective management and control systems, including systems for risk management, which continuously provide a satisfactory overview of the Company’s risk exposure; the control functions work as intended and that the necessary measures are taken to reduce extraordinary risk exposure;
  • there exist satisfactory routines to ensure implementation and follow-up of principles and guidelines adopted by the Board in relation to ethical behavior, conformity to law, health, safety and working environment, and social responsibility;

Clause 2.1:

2.1 The CEO has responsibility for ensuring that the Board receives all the information it requires to fulfill its duties pursuant to Rule 1 above.

<Norwegian Geo-Services Company> Board and executive team continue to disregard and/or misrepresent their commitment to health, safety and the environment (HSE) to stakeholders and the broader marine geophysical service sector.  <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> broadcasts that their HSE performance is better than industry standard.

<Norwegian Geo-Services Company> destroys both the records and the employees who bring up HSE concerns.  Instead, <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> corrupt board and executives protect violators and intentionally deceive stakeholders.  <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board and management actions show how absurd such laudatory HSE performance claims are and how dangerous such deception is to the geophysical service sector and the O&G industry.

<Norwegian Geo-Services Company> does not value real management nor leadership skills.  They ignore adherence to <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> Core Values and civil workplace behavior.  This is a significant long-term risk to <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> .  In fact, a litany of corrupt and nefarious behaviors are allowed to protect and buttress the corrupt and criminal acts of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board members and executives.

Apparently, the board and executive/senior management believe that legal and compliant behavior includes,

  • allowing managers to threaten, disparage and defame subordinate without basis
  • allow managers to abuse their positions, bypass policy, misrepresent and withhold information,  and obstruct legal rights of employees and to pervert the course of justice
  • not thoroughly and fairly investigating health and safety concerns
  • fabricate one-sided investigations
  • create false exculpatory evidence/documentation
  • destroy legitimate health and safety reports
  • destroy the actual complaint
  • create an entirely false narrative used to expel an employee under false pretenses
  • bribing or misleading employee counsel to affect desired (corrupt) outcome
  • lie to stakeholders
  • remain silent about any and all allegations that may impact the current board and management
  • provide false information to government agencies, such as UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and UK Border Agency

If these actions are compliant and legal, then <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board and compliance team have a responsibility, based on the Rules of Procedure as well as the CEO Responsibility Letter, to inform all <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> stakeholders, including the geophysical service sector and O&G industry how this is so?  If all or some of these actions are non-compliant or illegal, the board has the responsibility to rectify the situation.  But, <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board and managers remain silent.  The silence and obstruction simply does not satisfy either of these criteria.

It is fairly obvious that <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> has wrapped themselves up in an illegal veneer which makes their actions perhaps appear legal.  But, such threads of deceit are thin and so the entire fraud could unravel with just one truthful remark from management.  Corrupt agents of the board and management feel no legal obligation to really address the issues.  The irresponsible silence reveals both corruption and the many failed promises to stakeholders.  Corrupt agents are acting out of self-protection and not for the betterment and welfare of lawful stakeholders of <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> .

Corrupt <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board and management declared war on me and my family, as well as all compliant stakeholders.  Corrupt <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board and management back stab, lie, cheat and steal.  Then they retreat in silence when confronted directly.  Corrupt and cowardly!

Why would any honest board of directors protect and promote corrupt marine seismic industry dilettantes?  No honest and rule abiding board of directors would.

My former boss, was promoted two times during the three years that I was his bullied and harassed subordinate. As an American I was enthused about working for the sales team in England.  I was completely blind-sided by where I ended-up. So absent was <my boss’> ability to actually manage, behave honestly and with civility that corrupt <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> management had to help him and give him more misused power to abuse.  The only thing that seemed appropriate in his promotion was the removal of “manager” from his job title.  <my boss> had a plaque in his office bestowed upon him.  He was rewarded not for providing the best possible customer service, but for achieving the greatest profit margin on a contract.  In other words, <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> rewards those who deceive and negotiate the best short term gain for the corrupt and do not value honest long term business relationships.

<my boss> had threatened me that his boss, supported his mismanagement fully and it would be folly to complain.  Indeed, <my boss’ boss> not only supported nefarious acts of sabotage, cowardly lies (as evidenced in presented e-mails), and bullying by proxy of accepting his actions, he actively participated in the creation of fraudulent defamatory documents created to harm me professionally and personally.  Of course, such deeds are also rewarded by the corrupt and dishonest board and management.  <my boss’ boss> is highlighted as <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> anti-corruption champion within the annual, albeit bogus, <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> Responsibility Report.  Yes, bully and defraud an employee who makes a health and safety complaint and we will make you our champion (!) seems to be the message.  Pathetic.

However, so deceitful and corrupt is <my boss’ boss> board and management that even the <my boss’ boss> compliance team is involved with the deception and forgeries.  The SVP Human Resources and compliance team member signed a false instrument indicating there was some investigation into the complaint, as is required by law.  The forged memo referenced meetings that never happened and documents that never existed.  They don’t even reference the actual complaint!  Only signed by the SVP Human Resources Division EVP, both who received and processed a presented formal grievance, pretend the health and safety complaint was investigated and settled when it never was.   This seemed to meet the ethical and legal compliance standard of
<Norwegian Geo-Services Company> .   The <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> General Counsel, also on the compliance team, was promoted from SVP to EVP.  This punctuates a pattern of rewarding the most corrupt and dishonest at <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> into the top tiers.  This is characteristic of the most insecure and evil narcissistic-psychopathic temperaments.

My former co-worker and witness was also copied and included to have knowledge of all these events.  He knows that upper management harasses, bullies, and deceives.  He knows the facts and documents used and retained by
<Norwegian Geo-Services Company> are false and also recount a false self-serving narrative.  He knows upper management and the board of directors are liars and frauds.  I seems that he was also promoted to remain silent so that management would be able to continue to carry on the deception.  So sad to see your integrity collapse into corrupt cowardice, <witness>

The objective of these behaviors is the destruction of the target and the exhibition of exalted corrupt power.  It is a warning that there is no justice and no stopping the demonic canker and unjust tyranny of the empowered PGS criminal and corrupt agents.  The first consideration for compliance of internally governed enterprises is how the Rules of Procedure were followed and then how internal policy was adhered to.  Any derivative of corrupt processes can only have the appearance of propriety through the misuse of agency.  It is preposterous to assume that any by-product of such nefarious actions could indeed be legal.  It is only very complicated and expensive to unravel when the corrupt are uncooperative and conspire amongst themselves to escape accountability.  This is the behavior of criminals, isn’t it?

I know what the truth is and so does the board of directors and many senior executives. <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board of directors and management remain silent for one reason and one reason only.  They are corrupt and have invested substantial shareholder valuein time and resources engaged in a campaign of non-compliant rule breaking to harm an employee revealing corruption and health and safety transgressions.  The <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board of directors and management have misused <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> resources to protect these rule breakers and hide their incompetence and poor judgment.  The unethical behavior of the board and senior executives is both encouraged and withheld from most unwitting stakeholders and investors.  There will be a reckoning.  When the board of directors selects a new CEO and President a new writing campaign will begin. In the end, the truth can only hurt the corrupt.  And so explains clearly the silence of the <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board of directors and senior executives.  When will the <Norwegian Geo-Services Company> board of directors find the courage to do the right thing their agency requires?

Still waiting,

Steven D. Kalavity

USA citizen, anti-bullying and anti-corruption advocate.


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