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Trustpilot Review: Landau Law Uncensored

Trustpilot does not understand whistleblowing laws and flags/removes legally protected public disclosure which makes their reviews less trustworthy and protects corruption.

Trustpilot (26 September 2021): Landau Law flagged this because they believe it contains harmful or illegal content. Trustpilot is assessing the review in accordance with our flagging process, during which time the review will remain hidden.

Philip Landau is an accused criminal…

Philip Landau – Landau Law has defamed former client, Steven Kalavity (SDK)

Landau Law is lying and perverting the course of justice, which is a serious crime in of itself. Philip Landau was the principal employment lawyer who advised SDK on resolving a workplace grievance through a termination settlement agreement which contained confidentiality terms and conditions which prohibit the publication of “harmful and illegal” content and provides avenues for legal redress. The fact that Landau does not rely on his own contract should be known by the Truthpilot community.

Landau and his assistant at the time, Holly Rushton (now Holly Hobson practicing with BDBF), were principals in the confidence fraud of their client, SDK. Landau and Hobson provided illegal advice. A settlement contract should have never been considered since the grievance qualified as protected public disclosure or whistleblowing. Landau and Rushton also assisted in uttering forged documents – also crimes – to support the illegal termination settlement contract they advised on. This is why Landau Law complains to Trustpilot and does not rely on principal Landau’s advised on contract. The fraud would be easy to detect in a court of law.




SDK published accusations of Philip Landau and Holly Hobson crimes in 2016. SDKs employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and their advising counsel on the termination settlement contract, Watson Farley & Williams have never relied on the Landau-Hobson advised on contract’s terms and conditions to stop publications which began July 2015 on the LinkedIn Pulse platform. As co-conspirators in the fraud, Watson Farley & Williams also understand that the contract that they formed with SDK is illegal. Like the lies to Trustpilot, the conspirators lied to LinkedIn and got content depublished and SDK restricted from LinkedIn. PGS, Watson Farley & Williams and Landau Law continue to misrepresent (fraud) the legality of their SDK termination settlement contract.

Landau and Hobson