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Boycott Norway’s Equinor

A USA Whistleblowers Report on Norwegien Corporate Governance Irresponsibility

Jon Erik Reinhardsen was officially appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors for Norway’s largest company, StatOil, on 1 September 2017. (StatOil changed its name from StatOil to Equinor 15 May 2018.) How is it possible that Reinhardsen would be able to assume such a prestigious role as StatOil’s / Equinor’s Board of Directors Chairman without being thoroughly vetted? I am a US citizen whistleblower who has reported and published online content about my being a victim of crimes perpetrated by Norwegian executives, including Reinhardsen. I have been denied due process and justice by dysfunctional corporate governance practices. This is a problem for Norway and global business. Norway must demonstrate compliance and governance.
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Jon Erik Reinhardsen is not divorced from PGS ASA. He was a Director for PGS Exploration (UK) Limited when the 5 December 2013 Settlement Contract was signed. That contract, and the original employment contract both hold Confidentiality clauses prohibiting employees from disparaging PGS ASA. What’s wrong with these contracts?
(Answer: The 5 December 2013 PGS – SDK Contract is fraudulent.)
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Prior to Jon Erik Reinhardsen being appointed as StatOil’s Chairmain of the Board, Reinhardsen served as CEO and President of Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (PGS). During Reinhardsen’s time as CEO, he also served as a director for the UK PGS subsidiary, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited [PGSUK]. I am a USA citizen who worked for PGSUK through their sponsorship of my Tier 2 visa (work permit). PGSUK also sponsored the visas for my dependent family members to live in England. This is relevant to the several whistleblowing blog articles that SDK had published on the LinkedIN™ Pulse platform from 3 July 2015 – 20 August 2016. Many of the LinkedIN™ Pulse blog articles focused on the events, processes, and documentation that led to my termination from employment through a settlement contract agreement. The LinkedIN™ Pulse blog articles presented documentation that supported the published allegations that my termination from PGSUK was illegal and that the settlement contract was supported by uttered forged defamatory documents. The published whistleblowing articles exposed unethical and illegal behavior.

Click on image to view excerpts from the termination settlement contract between PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and SDK.

Reinhardsen, as a director of PGSUK and signator of the PGS 2013 CEO Responsibility Letter, should not have ever allowed any of the disparaging content to be published. Reinhardsen needed only to act responsibly and invoke the Confidentiality terms and conditions governing my employment contracts that prohibited the publishing of unprotected disparaging public discloser. In his responsible role, Reinhardsen never commented on, An American, the UK Data Protection Act, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) and the Tyranny of “Accurate Data” (3-Jul-2015) nor Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) CEO Jon Erik Reinhardsen Should Resign 2 (20-Sep-2015). Both were published on LinkedIN™ Pulse. SDK was permanently restricted from LinkedIN™ 20 August 2016 for publishing several disparaging articles, as well as publishing interrogatories within the PGS LinkedIN™ comment space, from 3 July 2015 through 20 August 2016. However, PGS has cited no breach in the Confidentiality terms and conditions in the contracts governed by the laws of England. PGS first misrepresented protected public disclosure as defamation to LinkedIN™ content administrators, which kept any bona fide dispute over content out of the courts. PGS also violated the terms and conditions of these contracts through not thoroughly investigating the publications as whistleblowing. PGS defamed and defrauded me. Both contracts provided protection for whistleblowing, per the UK Public Interests Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) that was included within the Confidentiality clauses in both of the contracts governed by the laws of England.

SDK LinkedIN™ Pulse Blog Articles Disparaging Norway’s PGS:

PGS had the fiduciary responsibility to all stakeholder to invoke the terms and conditions of the employment contract and not simply provide the ridiculous response within the PGS LinkedIN™ comment space or e-mail. In other words, the matter should have been resolved in the courts of England whose laws governed both contracts terms and conditions. From April 2016 – September 2016, protected public disclosure – whistleblowing – content was sent directly or through links to the PGS Compliance Hotline, which at that time was represented by then PGS General Counsel, Rune Olav Pedersen; PGS SVP Global Human Resources, Terje Bjølseth; and PGS VP Compliance and Internal Audit, Silke Hitschke. The PGS Compliance Team never responded to nor commented on any of the obviously disparaging published content. PGS General Counsel Pedersen and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited secretary, Carl Richards, both lawyers, should have fully understood these responsibilities. The reason no action was taken was because Pedersen and Richards were both implicated in criminal behaviors (and still are). PGS legal compliance for both PGS (Norway) and PGSUK (England) should have been guiding the decisions formed and executed by the PGSUK directors with respect to my 20 September 2013 submitted grievance which culminated in my termination through settlement contract.

PGSUK directors were PGS CEO, Jon Erik Reinhardsen, PGS CFO, Gottfred Langseth, and PGS Chief Accountant, Christin Steen – Nilsen. Richards served as PGSUK company secretary. Through my sponsored work permit, I possessed a legal right to submit a workplace grievance and proceed through the legal processes published within the UK Personnel Handbook. The submitted grievance cited health and safety concerns, management malpractice, violations in duty of care and mutual trust and confidence, as well as violations in PGS policy and UK employment laws. My grievance was whistleblowing. The main effort by the cabal has been to pervert the course of justice and deny the victim of their crimes voice and legal due process. In fact, this was the principal incentive for PGS bribing legal firms Watson Farley & Williams (WFW) and my legal counsel, Landau, Zeffertt and Weir Employment Solicitors (LZW). (Evidence of this has also been published within my articles.) This evidence points to a criminal conspiracy and confidence fraud to illegally terminate a foreign worker whistleblower under false pretenses using uttered forged documents. PGS, WFW and LZW continue to obstruct justice, withhold information, and deny their victim of crimes and whistleblower legal due process. PGS, WFW and LZW have remained silent to avoid having to explain in a court of law what facts guided their decisions and resulted in continued whistleblowing publications! If not criminals, then PGS, WFW, and LZW lawyers have been behaving like morons.

Philip Landau, London Employment Law Solicitor, Represented a Tier 2 Visa Holder?

After my employment with PGSUK was terminated through settlement contract, I returned to Houston, Texas, USA. While in Houston, I detected what I believed were violations in the terms and conditions of that contract. I believed that I was being blacklisted in the Houston job market. This led to my submitting a subject access request (SAR) to PGSUK and PGS in October 2014 citing the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). It was through this request that I was provided with copies of the contents of my PGSUK personnel file. This is when I discovered that PGSUK was processing defamatory forged documents as my personal data. Of course, I complained vigorously to PGS, as well as to the Information’s Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who regulate DPA compliance. PGS did threaten taking litigation through a 22 December 2014 e-mail, over a year after signing the settlement contract in dispute, if I continued to complain about the illegal forgeries that they were being processed. Because of the binding nature of a settlement contracts, no UK lawyer would consider legal actions against PGSUK. As already stated, I published an article 3 July 2015. This was the first article which named names, including Reinhardsen. When I heard nothing from PGS / PGSUK, I submitted my first report to UK ActionFraud (police). Following the collapse in oil prices mid-2014, combined with the defamatory material that PGS was processing to facilitate legal-looking defamation and blacklisting, I moved to Thailand, which had been my home of record when I worked with PGS offshore or on rotational assignment.

It has been only recently, since returning back to the USA, that I have recognized that the firm post mailing (DHL) of forged documents and subsequent e-mail communications following my receipt of personal data from PGSUK in 2014 that I identified these as also being violations in US Federal Laws (mail fraud, wire fraud, etc.). Because of this, I filed a report to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I believe that PGS ASAs coordinated deception and disinformation campaign aimed at a whistleblower, but impacting several stakeholders in the upstream oil and gas industry, constitutes violations in the US Federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) which is intended to allow multiple laws to prosecute organized crime. While I understand the difficulty in getting police to actually investigate white collar criminals, I am 100 % certain that I am a victim of crimes. I have published a substantial quantity of disparaging / whistleblowing content on the internet that show up prominently in search engine results referencing PGS ASA.

Investors and stakeholders must ask how is it possible that accused criminal Reinhardsen escapes scrutiny and investigation and serves as a director on several prestigious Norwegian majority owned companies, such as Equinor and Telenor, since leaving his role as CEO and President of PGS? Reinhardsen has not completely divorced himself from PGS, as he also currently continues to serve as a director (Chairmain) for the USA PGS subsidiary, Petroleum Geo-Services, Inc. [PGSUS], in Houston, Texas. The other director of PGSUS are none other than PGS CFO Gottfred Langseth and PGS Chief Accountant, Christin Steen-Nilsen. The same individuals who managed the illegal termination of a foreign worker whistleblower in England uttered the defamatory forgeries in the US to illegally blacklist their victim of crimes and whistleblower! I have concluded that accused criminal and abuser Reinhardsen and his cabal are being protected by a corrupt and dysfunctional Norwegian corporate governance system. (It pains me to publish this.) The global marketplace must demand a thorough investigation of Reinhardsen and those who empower and enable him. Why does Norway promote accused violent criminals and human rights violators who intentionally jeopardize the health and well-being and rob a US citizen whistleblower and his Thai – USA family members?

Pinterest™ Know PGS ASA

The only reason that so many articles and comments were published on the LinkedIN™ platform was because PGS not only never cited a breach in the Confidentiality terms and conditions, but also never answered several e-mails and social media messages containing content disparaging PGS! In other words, PGSUK directors did not honor the terms and conditions of contracts and instead allowed disparaging publications to continue. This was done to hide the fact that PGS had illegally terminated a foreign worker whistleblower on false pretenses using fraudulent data (uttered defamatory forged documents). Lawyers for other parties involved in forming the settlement contract; PGS, LZW (now Landau Law), and WFW, also remained silent to allow the fraud and defamation of the whistleblower to continue. Further, while anonymous complaints made to LinkedIN™ stated that the published content was defamatory, the UK Limitation Act 1980 prohibits defamation claims for content published more than one-year. LinkedIN™ restricted my account 20 August 2016, this is over one year from the first published article on 3 July 2015. There is no limitation on citing breaches in the contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions. Publications following SDK LinkedIN™ Restriction and Prior to Reinhardsen Resignation from PGS

(20-Aug-2016 thru 18-Jun-2017)

PGS ASA disinformation and defamation of SDK facilitated the restriction of SDKs LinkedIN™ account. PGS ASA withheld material information and did not invoke Contract Confidentiality terms and conditions as they were legally obligated to do per CONTRACT. PGS lied. SDK was defamed to over 4900 followers/professionals and the entire LinkedIN™ community. SDK also hosted the Marine Seismic Survey group with over 1500 members.

Following my restriction on LinkedIN™, I formed an independent website,, whose acronym stood for NO Psychopaths in Geo-Services. I was confident that the several blog articles published were whistleblowing and also in many ways redundant in their content. In other words, not citing content as a breach immediately following publication 3 July 2015 would make it difficult for any legal claim to succeed, regardless of their veracity. Publications after 20 August 2016 essentially state the same allegations as previous articles. However, I was beginning to see the conspiracy more clearly. The reason that PGS and WFW had remained irresponsibly and fraudulently silent is because what the cabal did to me and my family is reprehensible. Their criminal acts were viscious and premeditated and deserve punishment to the full extent of the law. Considering their positions of responsibility, there needs to be congruent accountability. Several PGS employees have been empowered and rewarded for breaching the PGS Code of Conduct and PGS Core Values in order to protect corrupt and criminal PGS Board of Directors and several PGS executives. Agents for WFW have aided and abetted their client PGS in perverting the course of justice. All have been able to escape responsibility and accountability for their crimes. They have all behaved unethically and criminally to physically, professionally, and financially harm a foreign worker whistleblower who deserved their Duty of Care. None have ever been compelled to address even the most basic published accusations.

PGS, WFW have invested substantial resources of personnel and money focused on harming an HSE whistleblower and victims of crimes. Most every post has made a very simple request for a trustworthy third-party, preferably government law enforcement, to investigate PGS, WFW, and LZW agents who were directly involved in proffering the settlement contract and not proceding through a legitimate grievance process. While I had an account on LinkedIN™ and used it to publish protected public disclosure, I would sometimes share content using Twitter™. Many of my comments and article links were directed to PGS’ Twitter™ account, @PGSNews, and to a lesser extent WFW (@WFW_LLP) and Landau Law (@philiplandau, formerly LZW), Twitter™ accounts. However, no legal action was ever initiated in spite of the publishing substantive disparaging content identifying them specifically. PGS legal, and two legal firms are directly implicated through online publications of criminal acts. The cabal never discontinued their defamation and defrauding of a whistleblower and victim of their crimes. The cabal continue to utter defamatory forged documents and retain their false defamatory narrative through their not invoking the Confidentiality clauses in our contracts.

Most of the Twitter™ feeds were delivered by @boycottpgs that was created to support the website that hosted my publications, including many that had first been published on LinkedIN™. However, as time passed, I also delivered from my personal Twitter™, @sdkgeop. During April 2018, I was contacted via my e-mail attached to the website by someone who purported to be from the PGSUK secretary and UK lawyer, Carl Richards. Within this mail, Richards threatened to file criminal defamation claims against me in Thailand, where I was residing at the time. I did respond. However, I requested identification verification before I engaged the sender to much. The sender never confirmed his identity. However, I rejected the view that defamation charges could be filed against by Carl Richards as a private person divorced from his official role as company secretary and the PGSUK contract terms and conditions that bound our legal relationship that was governed by the laws of England!

Reinhardsen retired as President and CEO of PGS and assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors for Norway’s StatOil September 2017. Rune Olav Pedersen was appointed President and CEO of PGS and also replaced Reinhardsen as a director for PGSUK. Reinhardsen, nor anyone from PGS ever had engaged me regarding my legally protected public disclosure. Not anyone disparaged directly through publications independently disputed nor complained. Reinharden certainly never effectively performed his fiduciary duty as either PGSUK director or PGS CEO to defend the reputation of the several PGS employees named and accused of crimes within the LinkedIN™, Twitter™ or publications. Reinhardsen also never followed through on promises stated within his responsibility letter. Reinhardsen breached policy and broke the law. Even if I publish that Reinhardsen is a cowardly and incompetent piece of shit who is too frightened to defend his decisions. Reinhardsen has never invoked the Confidentiality terms and conditions. The problem is that Reinhardsen took license to attack and harm me and my family. It is personal. Moreover, it seems that Reinhardsen has been able to do this with the full support of the corrupted Norwegian corporate governance infrastructure to aid him. What else can explain his appointment of director for both Equinor and Telenor? Fuck you, Jon Erik Reinhardsen! (Is this disparaging to Telenor and Equinor?)


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