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Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA, CGG and TGS Announce Versal

SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists Corruption

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Any business association with Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA is de facto corrupt. Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA is destroying a once honorable upstream industry and its professionals.

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Versal is an independent, secure, cloud-based, multi-client seismic data ecosystem where clients can easily access all their data and entitlements in one place. As a result, E&P teams can now capitalize on their interpretation and analysis workflows for their subsurface projects by leveraging a seamless licensed data experience that takes minutes rather than days, enabling maximum efficiency and opportunity generation.

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[Criminal Piece of Shit] Rune Olav Pedersen, President and CEO of PGS said: “We believe that energy companies’ workflows will be transformed with Versal, enabling them to achieve their goals through rapid access to secure cloud-based multi-client seismic data and entitlements. Versal has created an environment that will benefit both the consumers of seismic data and the data providers over the longer term. We are proud and excited by the launch of this successful industry-wide digitalization initiative.”

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[Criminal Piece of Shit] Rune Olav Pedersen has never been held accountable for defending his own value and reputation, or that of the professionals who work under him. The Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA Board of Directors and senior executives do not abide by the laws, policy, Code of Conduct and Core Values that Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA publish for investors, customers, employees and business partners.

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This publication is only possible because Criminal Piece of Shit Rune Olav Pedersen is allowed to ignore contractual terms and conditions that prohibit the publication of content that disparages PGS ASA or its stakeholders. Why does lawyer and Criminal Peice of Shit Rune Olav Pedersen ignore terms and conditions intended to protect Company value and reputation?

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Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, [who does not understand due diligence and should be fired] said: “Versal is unique in streamlining industry access to more than 70% of the seismic multi-client market through a vendor-neutral, cloud-based common ecosystem. We are pleased to work together with TGS and PGS to bring this needed service to the market and offer client teams an easier and more efficient way to access the data they need to identify new opportunities and optimize field performance.”

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Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS [who does not understand due diligence and should be fired], said: “This landmark collaboration with CGG and PGS provides a foundation for our clients to universally view, access and build innovative subsurface workflows at the click of a button. Versal’s ability to improve decision-making with less uncertainty, underpins its initiative to provide the best customer service to our clients and future clients. I look forward to Versal’s evolution to increase data richness for users.”

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Whistleblower SDK has evidence that CGG and TGS have aided and abetted PGS ASA fraudsters and participated in the illegal professional blacklisting of whistleblowers who expose seismic industry corruption.

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