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Corrupt and Dangerous PGS Digitalization Initiative Pretends to Improve Crew Safety

PGS has an ambition of fooling stakeholders that we care about people’s safety.

However, it was exposed that nothing useful was ever done with the data collected. Afterall, PGS was collecting data so that it would appear that PGS was being proactive. PGS’ sham came to light while trying to analyze an incident offshore Angola.

PGS identified the need for a to improve the deception that would fool once again fool people into thinking PGS was proactive in their approach to incident management.


PGS is now using new software because this shows that when you throw money at a problem you take it seriously. At least this is the impression PGS hopes to give to customers and people.

Based on input from PGS’ safety officer, we now have a really cool looking dashboard to search for keywords. A simple spreadsheet simply does not seem to have the look that PGS cares about the safety data being collected.

The dashboard displays data really impressively and this means PGS cares.


Visually impressive software demonstrates PGSs commitment to safety to customers. PGS expects that the change in software will improve the appearance of the committment to crew safety going forward.