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Corrupt HR and Employment Solicitors should be Jailed

The London Employment Law Racket – Part 7

PGS ASA denied a foreign worker and his family who were victims of crimes due process so that they and other Norwegian companies could continue lying and deceiving the global oil and gas industry. Norway is a principal exporter of corruption that enriches the few at the expense of the many.
PGS ASA was allowed to break the laws of Norway and bribe lawyers to participate in a confidence fraud proffering an illegal termination settlement contract. Under Norway’s Working Environment Act (WEA), Confidentiality clauses that limit an employee’s right to blow the whistle are illegal.
Global legal firm Watson Farley & Williams help corrupt corporations such as PGS ASA and Equinor launder money and dispose of whistleblowers illegally through processing illegal contracts for criminals to avoid accountability. The employment law racket is well-funded by stolen money. Apparently, if you want to make it as an employment law firm in England, you have to accept bribes and harm victims of fraud and abuse. Silenced whistleblowers are defamed and blacklisted. SDK has encountered no principled employment lawyer (solicitor/barrister) interested in justice within England. Are they all owned by corrupt corporations?
This is not the world that SDK believes in. Norway did not only defraud a victim of crimes so that criminal pieces of shit like Rune Olav Pedersen, current PGS ASA CEO and President, and Jon Erik Reinhardsen, former PGS ASA CEO and President, could enrich themselves and stay out of prison, but Norway robbed my children of opportunity through allowing the defrauding, defamation, and employment blacklisting. This does not even include the psychological abuse of the constant lies and denials of wrong doing allowed through their collective silence. Arrogant little Norway allows their executives to cheat the world through finding and bribing corrupt, complicit, and greedy agents around the world.
Norway laws do not apply to their own corporate and political elite. Norway has allowed corrupt PGS ASA to defraud the United Kingdom, United States of America, and Thailand government immigration offices through illegally processing foreign passports that were terminated under false pretenses by the illegal termination settlement contract. Norway also allowed PGS ASA for create and process forged documents to support the illegal basis for termination. Norway is complicit to illegal blacklisting of USA citizen, SDK, from employment in the now very corrupted industry that employs criminal sycophants that protect the corrupt corporatist. Companies are protected by the network of corrupt lawyers enabled by the Norwegian political regime. Companies associated with PGS ASAs collective silence and their not invoking contractual non-disclosure clauses to protect reputations and value says it all.
Norway has allowed corrupt PGS ASA to break data protection laws through the continued processing of false personal data which has been shared globally. Norway has been complicit in allowing PGS ASA to defraud their own Norwegian Data Protection Authority and the UK Information Commissioner’s Office who oversee data protection laws compliance. Norway has allowed PGS ASA to send fraudulent documents outside the EEA in violation of data protection laws. PGS ASA has been allowed to violate US Federal wire and mail fraud laws.
PGS ASA crimes have been exposed for years. However, PGS ASA has been allowed to obstruct and pervert the course of justice through being allowed to ignore Norway whistleblower protection laws. SDK began publishing legally protected content online on the LinkedIn Pulse platform 3 July 2015. PGS ASA could not invoke the contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions prohibiting disparaging PGS ASA and stakeholders because the termination settlement contract was a fraudulent instrument. So, PGS deleted content directed to the Compliance Office through the PGS LinkedIn comment space. Eventually, SDK was restricted from LinkedIn through complaints by the corrupt who were again allowed to avoid legal due process.
PGS ASA has also been allowed by Norway to extort SDK into silence through false criminal defamation claims in Thailand. Again, Norway allowed PGS ASA to force SDK to sign another illegal non-disclosure agreement to silence the truth and allow Norway rampant corruption to pollute the global oil and gas industry. The problem is that SDK knows all of this is illegal! A year ago (February – July 2020), PGS ASA was demanding through emails to the US, that I appear to answer bogus criminal defamation claims in Thailand!
These false claims and threats sent by email are also crimes. However, PGS ASA after terrorizing my Thai relatives with their illegal claims and extortion is again silent. PGS ASA also included the Federal Courts of Harris County in the US state of Texas as a resolution venue for their false criminal defamation claim under Thailand laws. PGS ASA included this venue because my US address whilst working and living abroad was in Harris County, Texas (Houston). SDK has been waiting for PGS ASA and Equinor to show their contracts to a US Federal Court in Texas. Even PGS ASA and Equinor know this would send their Norwegian and US conspirator racketeers to jail.