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ExxonMobil Hires Corrupt and Dangerous PGS for 4D Survey Offshore Guyana

Doing business with PGS is a risky decision.

Norway company PGS ASA (PGS) has been awarded a 4D seismic acquisition contract by ExxonMobil for work offshore the South American country of Guyana.

PGS will deploy a GeoStreamer equipped RamformTitan class seismic acquisition vessel in the fourth quarter of 2021 with the acquisition slated for completion in the first quarter of 2022.

President & CEO in PGS, Rune Olav Pedersen said: “We acquired the 4D baseline of this area and consider it strategically important for us to be awarded a repeat survey for parts of the initial program. We are very pleased with the recognition of our Ramform acquisition platform and superior multi-sensor GeoStreamer technology, which are well suited for high-quality 4D acquisition programs. 

“The contract adds further visibility to our order book for the coming winter season.”

PGS President and CEO, Rune Olav Pedersen is a trained lawyer and also a former General Counsel at PGS. Pedersen, along with several Board of Directors and Executives, have been accused of several health and safety as well as financial crimes. They have never answered these accusations in a responsible and thoughtful way for customers and investors. PGS has also never denied the many accusations. Instead, PGS suppresses and destroys evidence of their crimes.

PGS has misused company resources to silence such accusations. Through search engine manipulation, social media censorship, and vexatious litigation in countries such as Thailand, PGS has deceived stakeholders regarding their health and safety practices and anti-corruption initiatives.

PGS along with corrupt legal firms Watson Farley & Williams and Thailand’s Duensing – Kippen have conspired to illegally used non-disclosure agreements and threatened criminal defamation claims to silence legally and contractually protected disclosure (whistleblowing) exposing their corrupt and dangerous business practices.

PGS routinely use of corrupt law firms to silence critics of their corrupt and unsafe practices. PGS bribes and colloborates in elaborate money laundering schemes. PGS’ misuse of legal processes are directed to keep defrauded and defamed whistleblowers financially incapable of alerting stakeholders of the operational dangers and financial risks of doing business with them.

Pedersen, as well as other PGS agents, along with law firms Watson Farley & Williams, and Duensing – Kippen do not invoke non-disclosure / confidentiality terms and conditions against those who speak-out because the underlying contracts are illegal and only intended to silence health and safety whistleblowers. Publications referring to company agents as fraudsters, assholes and even “lying criminal c**ts” are not acted upon. The illegally used extortive agreements are meant to coerce and threaten concerned professionals into silence.

PGS’ fraudulent silence imperils the health and safety and reputation of companies they do business with. ExxonMobil needs to demand that PGS honor its contractual confidentiality terms and conditions which are included into contract to protect the reputations and value of all PGS stakeholders. ExxonMobil risks their own health and safety reputation and objectives if they do not demand proof of compliance by PGS of their whistleblowing procedures and reporting which impact every aspect of offshore seismic data acquisition. PGS ignores contractual commitments which is tantamount to intentionally deceiving customers with regard to their health and safety and anti-corruption commitments.

Transparency Internation gives Guyana a Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranking of 83/180 with a CPI score of 41/100 [2020]. Norway’s CPI ranking is a deceptive 7/180 with a CPI score of 84/100. Norway corporations export their corruption and essentially keep their own CPI ranking favorable through engaging in their corrupt practices within countries that they do business with who have less favorable CPIs.

PGS has four (4) contracts now with article author SDK which all prohibit publications which disparage PGS or any of its stakeholders. However, since three (3) of these contracts are fraudulent/illegal, PGS does not invoke such terms and conditions. PGS actively defrauds customers and investors about their corrupt and dangerous operational business practives. Doing business with PGS is a very risky operation. ExxonMobil / Guyana needs to demand PGS be transparent and forthcoming about their business practices.

ExxonMobil needs to conduct a thorough due diligence of PGS practices. ExxonMobil should not sign contracts with businesses that engage in unsafe and illegal work practices and violently retaliate severely against whistleblowers who want a safe and profitable upstream oil and gas industry.