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Asking for a thorough EEA Police Investigation is NOT DEFAMATION, it is a normal request for victims of crimes and abuse

PGS ASA Bypasses their Written Whistleblower Procedures and Initiates Litigation in Thailand WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATION

PGS ASA Compliance does not Respond to Numerous Complaints and Concerns

5 December 2013 Contract Confidentiality terms and conditions between PGS Exploration (UK) Limited & SDK

SDK Challenges the Legality of this Contract because the supporting personnel file documents being processed are inaccurate defamatory forgeries that bare no subject countersignature. I believe their creation was intended to illegally terminate and then blacklist a whistleblower. SDK began publishing online whistleblowing blogs/articles 3 July 2015. PGS ASA has never taken any legal action under the terms and conditions of contracts governed by the laws of England. Why not? UK Legal firm Watson, Farley and Williams advised on this contract.

PGS ASA (PGS), a Norwegian based multi-national company with affiliate offices located around the world, believes that I have damaged the company brand and its agent’s reputations to a criminal level – in Thailand?  By PGS ASAs own acknowledgement, the brand value has been diminished thousands of dollars (USD) through their extortive pursuit of legal justice in Thailand.  PGS ASA hired Thailand legal firm Duensing – Kippen to deliver these civil and criminal complaints on behalf of their UK affiliate PGS Exploration (UK) Limited (PGSUK) to their former worker contracted under the laws of England.  By what legal authority can lawyers in Thailand deliver such complaints? PGS ASA has no affiliate offices in Thailand and besides no contracts were ever signed between us even if they did.  UK Legal firm, Watson, Farley and Williams advised on these contracts governed by the laws of England? Why isn’t their competence being challenged?

What PGS ASA shareholders and potential investors must consider is what levels of incompetence and/or corruption must exist within the direction and management of PGS ASA that would require the abandonment of Norwegian or English legal due process in favor of the Thai legal system to address such damage to the corporate brand? 

PGS ASA has already acknowledged that the PGS ASA brand has been damaged to a criminal level.  Their Thai claims state financial damages, as well. But whose fault are these damages really? Real legal due process has been thwarted. Citizens of Norway and the world must ask what levels of corruption must exist within the Norwegian corporate governance processes that would allow a Norwegian company board of directors and executives the ability to solve problems outside the corporate legal framework of Norway? Similarly, for the UK affiliate, outside the legal framework of England? I have published real evidence that the PGS ASA board of directors and executive management were very directly involved in a criminal conspiracy and assault of me and my family – emphasis my children! I have begged for intervention by government law enforcement to conduct a thorough investigation.  There has been no answer to reasonable requests from from a dysfunctional UK ActionFraud. I was a foreign worker employed on a Tier 2 visa when I was an initial victim of crimes perpetrated by the Norwegian organized crime syndicate UK affiliate.  I have had to be bound by the legal framework under the laws of England for several years. PGS ASA has been able to ignore legal contractual confidentiality clauses explicitly in place to protect against disparaging public disclosure.

It is the board of directors job is to guide the business legally and successfully.  These are concurrent and not mutually exclusive requirements. In Norway, legally means following the laws of Norway and not the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.  For directors of an English company, this similarly means that the laws of England must be followed. It is my view that such a reliance on the Thai legal system by Norwegian company PGS ASA demonstrates serious corruption. At the very least, such directing and management demonstrates serious dysfunction of internal governance processes. It is not legal to pay someone to commit a crime on your behalf. Diana Lovejoy, a USA citizen, was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison for hiring a man to kill her husband.  The would be assassin was sentenced to 50 years to life. Her husband was not killed, but the hiring of someone with the intent to kill was a serious crime in of itself. By what legal authority does the PGS ASA board of directors have to hire a Thai legal firm to exercise defamation claims outside the legal contractual confidentiality clauses governed by the laws of England? I have asked several times, how can one be guilty of criminal defamation under Thai law and not in contractual breach under English law when the “plaintiff” is an English company governed by the laws of England? How is no response by PGS ASA general counsel Lars Mysen not fraud?  

PGS ASA hired Thailand law firm Duensing – Kippen to break UK laws provided through contract.  Duensing – Kippen harassed, blackmailed and extorted me and my Thai family members.  In fact, much of this harassment was done to my Thai family members whilst I was in the USA. PGS ASA did not possess the legal authority to deny me my rights under English law, and therefore neither does Duensing – Nippen as an agent of a company governed by the laws of England.  I believe that PGS ASA bribed Duensing – Kippen to break English and Thai laws on their behalf, which is illegal! My published disclosures claim that PGS ASA legal advisers under English law, Watson, Farley and Williams were previously bribed to utter forged documents to support a false pretense for a fraudulent settlement contract agreement. Both PGS ASA and Watson, Farley and Williams also withheld advised medical treatment and destroyed evidence to affect the fraudulent settlement contract. PGS ASA board of directors oversaw and approved of all of these violent illegal premeditated acts intended to harm a whistleblower and his family. NO LAWYERS REPRESENTING PGS ASA CAN AUTHENTICATE THE PROCESSES AND DOCUMENTS USED TO TERMINATE MY EMPLOYMENT. Which means PGS ASA and their legal advisers are all involved in a health harming criminal conspiracy to defraud and defame a whistleblower. Norway promotes and protects these accused criminals rather than investigate them!

I therefore believe that there must be corruption at the government level of Norway overseeing their oil and gas industry that allows such brazen behavior by its corporate executive class.  

Executives who do not recognize harassment and workplace bullying as a serious health and safety issues are not qualified to lead offshore operations. Executives who engage in fraud, bribery, and defamation to pervert the course of justice and hide their crimes should be in jail!



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