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Let’s Send PGS ASA Joshua May to Prison

Joshua May participated in the confidence fraud and other criminal acts with the intention to harm his co-worker and USA citizen SDK and his family. Joshua May was rewarded for assisting in these acts. Any parent who was a target of such crimes and abuse would agree that the perpetrator belongs in prison. Joshua May must also know that he belongs in prison.

Edward von Abendorff was the first-line supervisor for the PGS ASA Contract Sales – Africa group which was comprised of John Barnard, Joshua May, and SDK. Every employee of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited signed a copy of the PGS UK Office Personnel Handbook which outlined policy on bullying, harassment, and discrimination. The PGS UK Office Personnel Handbook also documented grievance and disciplinary procedures. All formed part of the contract of employment along with a pledge to uphold PGS Core Values and Code of Conduct.

From 18 June 2013 through 20 September 2013, PGS actively breached SDKs employment contract and obstructed his legal and contractual right to submit a workplace grievance. On 20 September 2013, SDK presented his grievance to PGS management. Co-worker John Barnard agreed to be SDKs witness throughout the grievance process and was provided a copy of the workplace grievance.

The grievance was legally protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing. Barnard was made aware that PGS had illegally proffered a termination settlement contract to stop the legal grievance process. SDK engaged London employment law solicitor Philip Landau to advise through the grievance process. Landau recommended that SDK not following the described grievance procedures and instead pursue an “enhanced” termination settlement contract. Under the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, such a settlement contract is illegal.

SDK needed to escape the toxic work environment and agreed to Landau’s recommendations. For the next few weeks, Landau “negotiated” the illegal termination settlement agreement terms and conditions. During this period, Joshua May was made aware that SDK had submitted a workplace grievance. Both John Barnard and Joshua May became complicit conspirators in the confidence fraud which financially robbed SDK, professionally defamed SDK, and most importantly placed the health of SDK and his family at risk.

John Barnard and Joshua May both were bribed to participate along with bribed solicitors/advisors to SDK, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson (previously Rushton). Landau led the confidence fraud game that defrauded his client and target/victim of discrimination and harassment. The cabal also defrauded data protection agencies as well as immigration agencies in the UK, USA, and Thailand.

PGS, Landau Law, and Watson Farley & Williams confidence fraud was discovered when SDK submitted a subject access request citing the UK Data Protection Act. SDK received the contents of his PGS professional personnel file and discovered that it was comprised of defamatory forgeries. A legally protected public disclosure was published 20 September 2015 showing the inaccurate and defamatory documents.

PGS, Landau Law and Watson Farley & Williams have continued to defraud and harass SDK through no explaining the many problems with the personnel file documents. All know they have participated in crimes against SDK.

Joshua May has never once proclaimed his innocence from accusations but relied on the criminal conspiracy of silence to protect him. Joshua May is a pathetic coward with no integrity who hurts people for no reason. Let’s put Joshua May where criminals like him belong!