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London Landau Law Trustpilot Reviews are not Trustworthy

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Trustpilot protects companies engaged in illegal business practices, such as Landau Law, Saint Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1DD, United Kingdom. This is a disservice to consumers and opens Trustpilot up to civil and criminal liability. Sue me Trustpilot, if you do not believe me! The last thing that Philip Landau wants is to see is justice rendered from inside a court room!

Can you trust Trustpilot? – 9 million reviews studied

Trustpilot stated that the SDK review(s) could not be verified and this was the reason for removal. Trustpilot is lying. All content presented within the review can be verified. Trustpilot is allowing corrupt Landau Law to defraud potential clients and defame a former client explicitly to bypass litigation which would expose Landau Law crimes. The objective of settlement contracts is to avoid court litigation. This is especially the objective of fraudulent settlement contracts which Landau Law “advises” to protect corrupt abusers of whistleblowers.

landau law london trustpilot fraud

Trustpilot has not verified Landau Laws flagging of the review as authentic and true, but instead becomes a co-conspirator in defrauding potential clients by allowing Landau Law to propagate misinformation. Landau Law is shielded from making definitive statements which could be supported or refuted with evidence in a court of law. Critical reviews should not be removed until there is thorough due diligence. Trustpilot essentially is calling critics of businesses liars without proof, which is defamation.

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Landau Law, Watson Farley & Williams and PGS ASA do not use the illegal settlement contract which they formed as is their legal and contractual duty. Instead, Landau Law, Watson Farley & Williams and PGS ASA use social media censorship to silence accusations and depublish evidence of their many crimes against SDK and the wider upstream oil and gas industry. PGS ASA has defamed SDK on LinkedIn, Twitter, and now Trustpilot through the propagating and continued processing of defamatory forged instruments as SDK personal data. Trustpilot, Twitter, and LinkedIn irresponsibly aid and abet corruption through allowing corrupt organizations to bypass legal due process and allow social media to adjudicate on matters that they have no business or direct knowledge on. It’s disgusting!

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The Crimes of Philip Landau #London #EmploymentLaw #Solicitor and Petroleum Geo-Services #PGS #CEO #Pedersen (30 December 2017)

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