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Magseis Fairfield Teams Up with Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA

pgs asa corruption magseis fairfield

Carel Hooijkaas, CEO of Magseis Fairfield, why would you do business with a company whose Board of Directors and Executives do not have an issue with publicly being called “criminal peices of shit” within numerous online publications?

landau law london pgs asa

Hasn’t Hooijkaas heard of due diligence?

watson farley & williams pgs asa

The upstream oil and gas industry is being corrupted through stolen money and lies to investors and customers led by Norway’s PGS ASA. Industry leaders have abandoned their commitments to shareholders and continue the deception which damages the industry and its stakeholders.

watson farley & williams landau law

Criminal Rune Olav Pedersen should be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. The Norwegian government completely supports these crimes and the defrauding of investors. It’s a disgrace. These criminals have been given a free pass to defraud, defame and abuse a USA citizen’s children.

pgs asa rhodri thomas

Rune Olav Pedersen has never denied nor taken responsible and appropriate legal action to stop publications which impact PGS ASA value and reputation. Rune Olav Pedersen weaponizes global laws to damage US victims of crimes and a whistleblower.

jon erik reinhardsen corruption pgs

PGS ASA has misused US and Thai passports and cancelled visas so that their victim of crimes and whistleblower could not use legal due process. PGS ASA has shared defamatory forged documents globally to damage a US citizen victim of crimes and whistleblower. These all are violations of global human rights, US Federal wire and mail fraud and Thailand crimes.

carl richards duensing kippen

Criminal Rune Olav Pedersen should be prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes against a US citizen and his family. The Norwegian government seems to completely support these crimes and the defrauding of investors as well. It’s a disgrace. Texas must investigate the Norwegian corporate racketeering that robs global citizens.

pgs asa rob adams landau law

Lawyers who formed the termination settlement contract between US citizen SDK and PGS ASA have never used nor defended this instrument to stop publications which disparage PGS ASA or any of its stakeholders. This includes the lawyers who were paid to “advise” US citizen SDK on matters of English contract and employment law, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson.

pgs asa candida pinto

SDK believes that Landau and Hobson accepted bribes to participate in a confidence fraud to illegally terminate and professionally blacklist their “client”. The contract is legally worthless and never used.

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