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Landau, Zeffert & Weir (LZW) Represented Me?

LZW Principal Phlip Landau is now with Landau Law (since January 2014)


Initially Reported to ACTIONFRAUD 24 August 2015 – Never Investigated! This further damages the victim of crimes and harms all stakeholders dependent on knowing the truth and seeking justice.

My first contact with Philip Landau was made online following my reading an article published by him. It was this public professional expertise and notoriety which gave me a feeling of trust in contacting him and eventually engaging him. Philip Landau advised me from 11 October 2013 to 5 December 2013. Within my short initial inquiry seeking guidance, I highlighted:

  • I was a foreign worker being sponsored by a UK Company on a Tier 2 visa
  • I was being harassed, bullied and discriminated against (nationality) in the workplace
  • I believed that the UK company employer sponsor had breached their duty of care, duty of trust and confidence contractual obligations and had violated the Health and Safety Act 1974, as well as other things.
  • I had initiated the grievance process but was being proffered a settlement contract prior to a grievance hearing and I stated my UK employer was trying to “buy me off.”

Was this protected public disclosure or whistleblowing?

I was a foreign worker, US citizen, being sponsored by a UK Company on a Tier 2 visa. I was being bullied and harassed in the workplace and had submitted a grievance 20 September 2013 complaining of those issues. The bullies were framing a performance based termination, as if I were a UK/EEA resident worker. My grievance complained about abuse of the performance management system as a weapon used to bully, harass and intimidate me.

5 October 2012 UK Company personnel file meeting memo included in my personnel file (top). This was a secret meeting which I did not attend. I had been the target of negative workplace behaviors and had started to bring it to the attention of my boss’ boss (SS) and the HR Manager (HRM). (I was being gang-bullied (mobbed) and was beginning to complain.) HRM, et al. started the process to pad my personnel file with documentation supporting poor performance so that I could be terminated for cause. HRM is not following UK Company Personnel Handbook processes, procedures or best practices. There is no data to support such a malicious and unprofessional assessment and conclusions. Therefore, this is defamation and not privileged content. I believe that the HRM, SS, my supervisor (S), with authority from UK Company directors and secretary not sharing this information with is a breach of my contract of employment and their Duty of Care obligations to me and my family, whom they are sponsoring on dependent Tier 2 visas. This also shows that they are all knowingly in violation of their sponsorship requirements to UK Border Agency, by advancing the Tier 2 visa renewal process if they truly had these concerns. Landau should have also known about this document and never mentioned it to me, as well.

Philip Landau, was provided with a Redacted Copy of my 20 September 2013 Grievance Document Presented to the UK Company Employer Sponsor of my Tier 2 Visa.

Grievance Table of Contents, Preamble, Key Points, Summary

20 September 2013 Form of Grievance Presented to UK Company Tier 2 visa Sponsor
This is an actual excerpt from the grievance document which I presented to Norway Company executives, as well as UK Company executives 20 September 2013. Landau was contacted 11 October 2013 following my meeting with the UK Company HR Manager (HRM), 10 October 2013 at which time the HRM proffered an initial settlement contract agreement TO STOP THE LEGALLY GUARANTEED UNDER CONTRACT GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES which were initiated 20 September 2013. A grievance hearing was scheduled for 14 October 2013. Landau received a copy of my 21 page grievance with names redacted on 11 October 2013.

Even though some of Philip Landau’s initial advice seemed odd, I needed to trust him because I was a target of health harming workplace bullying and foreign worker. I had to do something and trust someone.

I feel that Philip Landau violated that trust categorically. He has never addressed my published concerns or private e-mails. Philip Landau has remained silent and will not simply explain what happened?

  • Philip Landau counseled to NOT follow the grievance procedure and to instead move toward an “enhanced settlement” with the UK employer sponsor of my Tier 2 visa.
  • Philip Landau minimized the importance and significance of being on a Tier 2 visa, my legal basis for being employed in England/UK, and my claims of discrimination based on nationality
  • Philip Landau never spoke directly about the prime motivation behind the presenting the grievance which were the health and safety concerns to me and my family being a target of workplace gang-bullying/mobbing.

Pre-Settlement Communications with Landau, Zeffertt and Weir Law (Philip Landau) [10 October 2013 to 30 October 2013]

The entire premise of my grievance was my disputing my UK employer’s attempt to place me on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). I Recognized it as a tactic of bullies and knew there was no documented basis to support a legitimate PIP. It appears as though Philip Landau helped create the documented basis out of whole cloth with my UK Company employer and Tier 2 visa sponsor.

I eventually did sign a settlement contract agreement.

My employment with the UK Company Tier 2 sponsor was terminated by the settlement agreement forwarded by Philip Landau and his assistant, Holly Rushton on 31 December 2013.

Sensing retaliation/blacklisting by my former employer, I submitted a subject access request citing the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) while in Houston, Texas. The contents of my UK Company personnel file contains defamatory forged instruments supporting a performance based termination. Philip Landau and Holly Rushton will not explain how this is possible? I do not know how a performance based termination is legal for a Tier 2 visa holder.

24 July 2013 Bully Defamatory Ambush Letter

I had only seen one (1) of the documents being processed within my UK Company personnel file prior to my receiving the personnel file in late 2014 in Houston, Texas. This one (1) document, a letter from my employer dated 24 July 2013, was the basis for my 21 page grievance supplemented by another 45 pages of evidence to support my presented argument. The 20 September 2013 grievance document is not being processed in the body of my personnel file and is only referenced within the signed settlement contract agreement. Only the settlement contract agreement bares my signature. It stands to reason that the dated documents were referenced and processed during settlement contract agreement negotiations, along with the grievance document, especially since defamation and misuse of the performance management system were specifically cited within the grievance document. The most significant alleged forged document is dated while Philip Landau was engaged as my representative solicitor on 25 October 2013.


UK Sponsor Company Tier 2 Visa renewal process for US worker was initiated 15 May 2013 . The UK Company used the counsel and advice of a law firm, Watson, Farley and Williams (WFW) to advise on the preparation of Tier 2 visa application documents. What personal data was provided to WFW by the UK Company sponsor to support the application? WFW also advised and participated in the settlement contract agreement (SCA) negotiations from 1 November 2013 to 5 December 2013 that terminated my employment with the UK Company.

The Norwegian Geo-Services Company (NGSC) UK affiliate employed legal firm Watson, Farley & Williams (WFW) to counsel and review my Tier 2 visa application and dependent family members documentation. It was my claim that the Norway Company and UK affiliate BOTH owed ME and MY FAMILY a Duty of Care, and this duty was not fulfilled..

My former employer is currently uttering defamatory forged instruments. Defamatory forged instruments were created so that a foreign worker whistleblower could be illegally terminated for “performance” based reasons, rather than a claim for harassment, discrimination, bullying, defamation, and breach of contract at many levels. HR3 currently presides over these knowingly false instruments designed to blacklist the USA citizen whistleblower. HR3, a UK citizen, was working in Houston, Texas sharing the defamatory personal data to blacklist me. Any experienced HR professional would know the documents being processed were both non-compliant and illegal. HR3 processed the contents of my personnel file contents in 2013. HR3 should have also been aware of visa requirements for both UK and USA employees. UK Company claims that HR3 was an employee of UK Company in 2013 because sharing UK Company personal data would be a violation of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and now General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR). This contradicts his online LinkedIn profile. Further, I believe that it would have been illegal for UK Company to employ a “poor performer.” However, by making me a poor performer, this false information illegally verified by bribed lawyers could be shared with potential employers. This is blacklisting, which is illegal – also IN TEXAS. Further, misrepresenting HR3s agency to Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who oversee DPA/GDPR compliance, they were ALSO misrepresenting to the USA Immigration service. The Norway geo-services company needs to explain and be held accountable, starting with HR3! , The previous HR Manager in 2013 and has created and signed many of the (alleged) forged instruments which populate my personnel file. I did not work directly for Nicholson and the instruments have no counter-signature and are factually inaccurate. Yet, Philip Landau and Holly Rushton, who represented me, along with Rhodri Thomas, with Watson, Farley, and Williams – all experienced employment law solicitors processed these?
The grievance itself is almost irrelevant. The advice at this stage should have really focused on the grievance process. I was being gaslighted by Landau – an EXPERIENCED UK EMPLOYMENT SOLICITOR who had published content on such matters. It is how I discovered him.
For over a week, NOBODY from the NORWAY or UK COMPANY had contacted me with regard to the 20 September 2013 presented grievance or 14 October 2013 grievance hearing. The issue of my Tier 2 visa is brought-up in the 20 September 2013 grievance document. Indeed, the only reason relocation was likely considered in the settlement contract agreement terms and conditions was the fact that I was a foreign worker who insisted on at least being repatriated. ALL communications were through Philip Landau, who never seemed to address the stonewalling that was going on. I could not conceive of the Norway/UK Company behavior from former colleagues and so-called professionals.

20 September 2013 Grievance Document Presented to Norway / UK Company executives and also to my hired solicitor, Philip Landau. Philip was formally engaged (paid for services) on 22 October 2013.

The 24 July 2013 Ambush Letter:

I believe that Philip Landau must have been complicit in Uttering Forged Instruments. He has never explained the personnel records to me.

(Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) was included with the 20 September 2013 presented grievance. However, the 11 September 2013 scheduled meeting was rescheduled for 20 September 2013. Among other things, this letter shows a collective conspiracy of intent by UK Company directors and secretary to bypass the UK government UK Border Agency legal reporting requirement and use forged defamatory personnel file records to harm and illegally process a termination of a Foreign Worker Whistleblower on a falsified basis. The personnel file references the 11 September 2013 meeting that never happened and omits the 20 September 2013 grievance document, except within the settlement contract agreement. Landau was reminded of this in the 24 October 2013 e-mail. I have to believe that Landau was complicit in uttering forged instruments/documents used to terminate my employment. Landau has never offered an explanation.

The 25-October-2013 MEMO is a FORGERY.  The Memo is not mentioned in a 25-October-2013 e-mail from my solicitor, Philip Landau (LZW).  Why not?  I believe Landau is compromised and allowing my legal rights to process my grievance to be denied through advocating a settlement agreement.

Landau knew that the copied recipients of the Memo had been accused within my grievance of misconduct, bullying, harassment and discrimination, along with my immediate supervisor.  There was no contact from any UK / Norway Company agents, most notably, the hosts following of the 14 October grievance hearing.  No minutes or right to appeal were ever provided, as required.  How is this possible for an experienced solicitor like Philip Landau?

It seems the entire fraud had been mapped out at this point. Nothing that I told Landau was considered. Watson, Farley and Williams’ Rhodri Thomas was gaslighting the performance narrative, even though ACAS states that both grievances and disciplinary matters c/should happen at the same time. The settlement was negotiated as a performance based settlement. The 25 October 2013 Memo was created to make it look like processes to support the performance based termination occurred. Problem is, NOBODY is INFORMING UK BORDER AGENCY, even after I bring up the matter of my Tier 2 visa MULTIPLE TIMES. NOT BEING AN EXPERT IN IMMIGRATION LAW IS IRRELEVANT. Watson, Farley and Williams is a large firm with many qualified lawyers on matters of visa’s. Why did Rhodri Thomas not question a performance based termination settlement contract agreement? The Norway/UK Company used one set of data to process the Tier 2 visa and ANOTHER FAKE SET OF FORGED DOCUMENTS to process the whistleblower termination. Conspiracy to defraud?

Two Years Too Late, Subject Access Requests to Watson, Farley & Williams and LZW confirms that Fake Data was used to process my termination settlement contract agreement.

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