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Norway’s PGS ASA Accused of Several USA Federal Law Violations

PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, Landau Law and Duensing Kippen: Legally Explain the 25 October 2013 Memo!

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Ask PGS ASA, Lilleakerveien 4C Oslo, 0283 Norway , Phone: 47-67-52-64-00, Email: [email protected], Executive Management Team (March 2020) [L-R Rob Adams, Nathan Oliver, Berit Osnes, Rune Olav Pedersen and Gottfred Langseth] about my blog articles and a 25 October 2013 Memo. PGS ASA have sponsored vexatious litigation against a whistleblower misusing the Thailand criminal and civil legal system. By what authority? PGS ASA is a Norwegian company governed by the laws of Norway. PGS Exploration (UK) Limited is a subsidiary of PGS ASA located in England and governed by the laws of England! PGS ASA threatened criminal prosecution of a whistleblower in Thailand (SDK) unless he signed a new contract that would erase the provisions of two contracts between PGS Exploration UK Limited and SDK governed by the laws of England which protect whistleblowers. The Thai contract that was signed has no whistleblower protection and has resolution venues in both Thailand and the USA [Harris County, Texas] (?). Global law firm Watson Farley & Williams advised PGS ASA on both contracts governed by the laws of England. Watson Farley & Williams also have offices in Thailand. However, PGS ASA contracted Thai law firm Duensing – Kippen to prosecute their (unsubstantiated) criminal defamations claims. Why didn’t Watson Farley & Williams represent PGS ASA in Thailand since they have all the information and formed the English contracts?
PGS ASA has had multiple opportunities to address claims published within my blog publications. PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, Landau Law were all involved in forming the terms and conditions of the 5 December 2013 termination settlement contract governed by the laws of England providing whistleblower protection (UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998). PGS ASA believes that I should be arrested for violating the laws of Thailand? PGS ASA has no subsidiary in Thailand. Further, PGS ASA has never challenged any contractual breaches on non-disparagement clauses which formed part of the 5 December 2013 signed contract in English courts. PGS ASA has been defrauding the global oil and gas industry, not just me! If the 25 October 2013 Memo being processed as SDK personal data used and used to support the 5 December 2013 contract is a forgery, as SDK claims, then investors, customers, and stakeholders have been deceived. DEMAND POLICE INVESTIGATION UNDER ENGLISH LAW!
Lawyers employed by and PAID by PGS ASA shareholders and customers, Rune Olav Pedersen, Lars Mysen, John Francas, Carl Richards, have obstructed justice – perverted the course of justice. They are not advancing the legal interests of PGS ASA. PGS ASA bribes lawyers to advance their illegal and corrupt interests. Watson Farley & Williams (Neeta Aulak and Rhodri Thomas) and Landau, Zeffert & Weir Solicitors (now Landau Law) [Philip Landau and Holly Rushton] were also bribed to advance the terms and conditions of a signed 5 December 2013 termination settlement contract supported by uttered forgeries used to provide a false pretense used to terminate a foreign worker whistleblower illegally. This is why PGS ASA cannot invoke non-disparagement clauses meant to preserve PGS ASA reputation. Instead, PGS ASA is allowed by a corrupt system of corporate governance to breach the fraudulent contract that they advanced without explanation or reprisal. PGS ASA employs Thailand law firm Duensing – Kippen (Olaf Duensing and Tippaya Moonmanee) to breach terms and conditions to advance bogus criminal defamation charges that only exists in the corrupted translations of protected public disclosures in another set of corrupt lawyers paid for (illegally – embezzlement) by PGS ASA shareholders and customers. WAKE UP NORWAY – OSLO BORS!
Since 2015, I have published evidence of knowing misrepresentation within PGS ASA Responsibility Reports. As Petroleum Geo-Services President and CEO, Jon Eric Reinhardsen penned his “Responsibility Letter.” Reinhardsen has never been held accountable to uphold those stated commitments. Reinhardsen has never been called upon to defend the respution of PGS ASA brand or its executives and stakeholders. Reinhardsen has never been required to abide by contractual terms and conditions that are in place to protect the brands of companies which he manages or directs. Responsibility claims and reports hold no value to shareholders and stakeholders if the information within them is not validated. Such reports are fraudulent misrepresentation and an false enticement to investors.
The PGS ASA board of directors made commitments and allocated money to join the UN Global Compact. However, SDK whistleblowing claims show that most every provision of the UN Global Compact has been violated! Reinhardsen’s corrupt influence on the Norwegian marketplace is promoted and protected. Reinhardsen serves on the board of directors for majority Norwegian government owned Equinor (67%) and Telenor (54%), in spite of volumes of published foreign-worker (USA) whistleblowing claims. SDK, a USA citizen, is both a victim of crimes and a whistleblower for malpractice and misconduct perpetrated by PGS ASA directors and executive management. My writings have impacted the value of PGS ASA by their own admission. PGS ASA, a Norwegian company, through its English company subsidiary, PGS Exploration UK Limited, filed criminal defamation claims in Thailand! By what authority can a Norwegian corporation abandon their legal commitments and prosecute in a foreign jurisdiction where they have no subsidiary or even a business / contractual relationship? PGS ASA has been allowed to violate whistleblower protection laws: Norways Worker Environment Act 2005 and UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA). How is this possible Oslo Bors?
Communications between SDK and PGS ASA affiliates (PGS Exploration UK Limited, Weybridge, England KT13 0NY or PGS ASA contracted legal firm (Duensing Kippen, Unit 16-05, 152 N Sathon Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand, Phone: 66 2 267 5424 has been conducted by email mostly. PGS ASA and Duensing Kippen lawyer Tippaya Moonmanee have threatened whistleblower and blog post publisher SDK many times on behalf of PGS ASA. Duensing Kippen’s Tippaya Moonmanee has withheld material information through refusing to answer most every legally pertinent inquiry. Duensing Kippen’s Tippaya Moonmanee possess no first-hand knowledge of events written about and are not qualified to discern what is or is not truthful independently. Duensing Kippen’s Tippaya Moonmanee has been misrepresenting legal protected public disclosure under English law as criminal defamation under Thai law on behalf of the PGS ASAs English subsidiary located in England and bound to uphold English law (fraud). Duensing Kippen’s Tippaya Moonmanee‘s power of attorney does not authorize the breaking of English law and contracts on behalf of an English company! PGS ASA is trying to avoid the courts in England governed by English law that would reveal PGS ASA fraud and blackmail.

PGS ASA mailed by post [DHL] firm copies of forged, inaccurate, and unsigned firm documents of what they claim to be my personal data. This delivery of fake data in response to a legal request constitutes to my understanding US Federal law mail fraud violation(s).

I am a USA citizen who was sponsored on a work visa (Tier 2) by PGS ASA UK affiliate, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, England, KT13 0NY [PGSUK}. My employment was terminated through a settlement contract agreement signed 5 December 2013 which was governed by the laws of England.

In October 2014, I submitted a subject access request (SAR) citing the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and received by postal mail personal data that PGS ASA was processing in my name. Most notably, I received the firm copies of documents being processed within my PGSUK professional personnel file.

PGS ASA has been knowingly processing non-compliant forged and defamatory documents that were used to support an illegal contract formed in England to terminate a sponsored foreign worker (USA citizen) whistleblower. The continued processing of this defamatory personal data has facilitated illegal industry blacklisting of the whistleblower. PGS ASA has continued to misrepresent legal and truthful protected public disclosure (whistleblowing) as “defamation” on social media to deceive countless stakeholders. PGS ASA has also provided these knowing falsehoods to government agencies in Norway, UK, USA and Thailand directly. PGS ASA has further advanced a false narrative to preserve a false identity through joining the UN Global Compact and publishing deceptive Corporate Responsibility Reports annually. Norway has a dysfunctional corporate governance system. Simply, the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance is not practiced. The Code of Practice is ignored and a corrupt and criminal corporate executive class is protected and promoted to protect Norway’s narcissistic false identity as a low corruption country to do business with. Norway exploits this false reputation and exports corruption to other countries.

I immediately became aware of a significant problem. PGS ASA was processing defamatory forged documents as my personal data. The dates on the documents indicated that this data was present in my personnel file when the terms and conditions of the settlement contract for my termination from employment was negotiated. None of the documents bore the signature of the data subject (SDK) and all contained inaccurate and unsubstantiated defamatory content. I complained to the data controller, PGSUK, and the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who oversee DPA compliance. To my alarm, no action was taken against data controller. Since 2013, PGSUK has knowingly processed fake data to harm a data subject (SDK)!

Jon Erik Reinhardsen was Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (PGS) CEO and President when the 20 September 2013 workplace grievance was submitted by SDK. Jon Erik Reinhardsen, Gottfred Langseth, and Christin Steen-Nilsen served as Directors for BOTH PGS Exploration UK Limited and US Petroleum Geo-Services, Inc. The forged documents formed and processed to support the termination settlement agreement and also illegally blacklist / defame SDK in the Houston, Texas professional job market.
PGS ASA has never – since SDKs first publication 3 July 2015 on LinkedIn Pulse. The UK Limitation Act 1980 allows one-year to file a defamation claim from publication date. From April – September 2016, PGS ASA was provided multiple whistleblowing publications. PGS ASA stopped publications by complaining to LinkedIn. SDK LinkedIn account was restricted 20 August 2016 because of complaints of “defamatory” content. It was whistleblowing and PGS ASA knows it. This is why no breach in the Confidentiality terms (9) was ever invoked.
Global legal firm, Watson Farley & Williams (Rhodri Thomas and Neeta Aulak) formed the terms and conditions of the termination settlement contract on behalf of PGS ASA and SDK was misrepresented by Landau Law (Philip Landau and Holly Rushton). No legal professional involved with forming the contract has raised any complaint about my publications. I believe it is because it is an illegal contract used to terminate a whistleblower on false pretenses.
Whistleblowing is protected within the signed 5 December 2013 termination settlement agreement through the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA)
The contract proffered in Thailand was unnecessary and SDK believes illegal. The threshold for non-disparagement as described within the Confidentiality clauses within the 5 December 2013 termination settlement contract is much less than criminal defamation. There is no criminal defamation under English law that governs the termination settlement contract. PGS ASA countersigned the termination settlement agreement with SDK. PGS ASA also sponsored litigation in Thailand while 5 December 2013 contract was still in affect. SDK regards the threat of criminal prosecution in Thailand and subsequent demand for SDK to sign another contract under duress is blackmail / extortion. PGS ASA apparently cannot prove defamation or breach of contract in an English speaking country?
PGS ASA blackmailed me through using Thai legal firm Duensing Kippen to file criminal defamation claims in Thailand when I lived there. They dropped “criminal charges” if I signed ANOTHER contract in Thailand. But, SDK never breached the contract govered by the laws of England? Now I am in the USA and PGS ASA does not invoke breaches in the Thai contract either? Not in Harris County, Texas USA? Why is it only CRIMINAL DEFAMATION in THAILAND in the Thai language? Why did PGS ASA Board of Directors allow it to become out of control?
Candida Pinto was PGS Exploration (UK) Limited Secretary prior to the delivery of the 20 September 2013 workplace grievance (whistleblowing). Many of the forged documents being processed as SDK personal data by PGS ASA / PGSUK are dated prior to 13 September 2013.
Carl Richards became PGS Exploration (UK) Limited Secretary prior to the delivery of the 20 September 2013 workplace grievance (whistleblowing). Carl Richards was Secretary during the termination settlement contract negotiation process which involved Watson Farley & Williams lawyer Rhodri Thomas and my counsel, Philip Landua and Holly Rushton with Landau, Zeffertt and Wier Solicitors. The 5 December 2013 signed termination settlement contract is governed by the laws of England and includes Confidentiality / non-disparagement clauses. In September 2018, PGS UK directors and Carl Richards (individual) filed criminal defamation claims in Thailand through Thailand law firm Duensing – Kippen lawyer Tippaya Moonmanee. I believe this claim was illegal. An English company cannot give power of attorney to a Thai law firm / lawyer to break legal agreements governed by English law.

Subsequent clarification e-mail communications between the data subject (SDK) and data controller, PGS ASA / PGSUK, from October 2014 through December 2014 I believe constitute intentional violations in US Federal law wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

PGS ASA / PGSUK provided responses with several knowing misrepresentations to the data subject from October 2014 – December 2014 regarding the integrity of the data which they sent to SDK by post mail [DHL] and e-mail. The PGS ASA / PGSUK SDK personnel file data containing unsigned and unverified documents that was delivered to the data subject, SDK, by PGS ASA / PGSUK contradicts e-mail records that were provided by PGS ASA / PGSUK with the SAR, as well as e-mail records that are processed personally by the data subject, SDK. SDK has concluded that PGS ASA / PGSUK knowingly provided misrepresentations of material facts when queried about the integrity of SDKs personal data. SDK has since deduced that he was the target of a confidence fraud involving his hired solicitor firm, Landau, Zeffertt and Weir Solicitors (Philip Landau / Holly Rushton).

This forged Memo is being processed as my personal data by PGS ASA. The Memo of course was not signed by SDK. The Memo is dated 25 October 2013, which means that is was created after SDK hired solicitor Philip Landau and Holly Rushton. It was in my personnel file during termination settlement contract negotiations. SDK never knew about it! The Memo references events and dates that never occurred.

The unverified and inaccurate SDK personal data being processed by PGS ASA / PGSUK does not correspond to data provided to Philip Landau / Holly Rushton through verifiable e-mail communications. PGS ASA / PGSUK contracted the UK affiliate of global law firm, Watson Farley and Williams (WFW) to form the final terms and conditions of the termination settlement contract. E-mail communications from WFW solicitor, Rhodri Thomas, to Philip Landau that were shared with SDK seem to correspond with the false narrative contained within the forged documents delivered to SDK in response to his SAR as SDK personal data. SDK requested from LZW and PGS ASA / PGSUK several times from 14 October 2013 – 5 December 2013 that personal data being processed by PGS ASA / PGSUK be provided to the data subject, SDK, during the termination settlement contract negotiations. This material data was intentionally withheld from the data subject SDK when the termination settlement contract was negotiated and formed. SDK was unaware at the time that his legal counsel was a double-agent and co-conspirator assisting in the confidence fraud with co-conspirators PGS ASA / PGSUK and WFW to harm a foreign worker.

PGS ASA has refused to authenticate both the processes and created documents held within SDKs professional personnel file. The dates indicate that the unsigned by SDK and unverified defamatory forged documents were uttered to support a fraudulent termination settlement contract based on defamatory documents for illegal professional blacklisting.
Terje Bjolseth, PGS ASA SVP Global Human Resources also served on the compliance team with current PGS ASA President and CEO, Rune Olav Pedersen. Pedersen served as Petroleum Geo-Services ASA General Counsel when the forged documents were created and used to support the gas-lighting termination settlement contract negotiation discussions and illegal termination of a foreign worker whistleblower under false pretenses. Bjolseth and Pedersen oversaw the defrauding of UK, Norway, and USA government agencies. PGS ASA has actively deceived investors and the UN Global Compact select committee through misrepresentations covering-up PGS ASA executive and PGS ASA Board of Directors criminal acts.

Following the signing of the 5 December 2013 termination settlement agreement by SDK, SDK returned to the country of his citizenship, USA. In fact, the terms and conditions of the 5 December 2013 termination settlement agreement included provisions for the reimbursement of household moving costs from Weybridge, England to Houston, Texas, USA. The reimbursements related to the 5 December 2013 termination settlement contract terms and conditions were not paid until May – June 2014. Thus, the 5 December 2013 termination settlement agreement terms and conditions were not fulfilled until the reimbursement payments were made to SDK. (SDK never liked these terms and conditions including payments made after the signing of the 5 December 2013 termination agreement, but accepted them on advice and recommendation of his counsel, Philip Landau / Holly Rushton.) The SDK personal data processed to support the termination settlement contract had never been truthfully related by LZW to client, SDK. Most every contract provision requested by SDK to his solicitor, Philip Landau / Holly Rushton, was not accepted into the final termination settlement agreement.

PGS ASA / PGS Exploration UK Limited filed criminal defamation charges in Thailand through Thailand law firm Duensing Kippen lawyer Tippaya Moonmanee who was engaged to forward illegal criminal claims intended to silence protected public disclosure and illegally destroy evidence. PGS ASA / Watson Farley & Williams (offices in Thailand) and Thai law firm Duensing – Kippen stole SDK website and destroyed evidence in an effort to escape accountability for numerous crimes.
PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, Landau, Zeffertt and Weir and Duensing Kippen law firms have worked together to manipulate the legal systems and deny SDK legal due process. These legal firms have abused their agency, violated laws in several countries, and also violated the human rights of SDK and his family. Law enforcement refused to investigate and help the victim of crimes.

PGS ASA / PGSUK Bribed WFW and LZW to Cooperate in a Confidence Fraud and to Utter Forged Documents used to Illegally Terminate and Professionally Blacklist (defame) a Foreign Worker Whistleblower

SDK claims of a conspiracy to defame and defraud a whistleblower have been published since 2016. PGS ASA “Compliance” have also been notified multiple times. PGS ASA and Watson Farley & Williams are criminal cover-up entities. No one mentioned by name in my many online publications has ever challenged my claims directly because they are all actors in the criminal conspiracy to defraud and defame a whistleblower! PGS ASA has invested heavily in deceiving stakeholders and investors. The PGS ASA Board of Directors have been directly involved in the criminal acts. A dysfunctional Norway corporate governance promotes and protects criminals who rob and assault foreign worker whistleblowers and their family!
PGS ASA violates most every principle of the UN Global Compact.

PGS ASA / PGSUK, WFW, and LZW cooperated in the conspiracy, gas-lighting (misrepresentation/fraud) and withholding of information from SDK until he agreed, under duress, to terms and conditions that by in large benefited PGS ASA / PGSUK who had been accused through a workplace greivance submitted 20 September 2013 of workplace mobbing, harassment, discrimination, breaching the terms and conditions of the original employment contract and UK employment laws. PGS ASA / PGSUK obstructed my legal rights, under contract governed by the laws of England to submit a grievance. However, I insisted. The grievance which SDK delivered to PGS ASA / PGSUK 20 September 2013 met the standard of protected public disclosure (whistleblowing) described within the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA).

SDK first whistleblowing publication was published on LinkedIn Pulse 3 July 2015.

PGS ASA / PGSUK illegally retaliated against my whistleblowing through denying SDK his legal right to proceed through the grievance process described within the PGS UK Personnel Handbook. PGS ASA / PGSUK, WFW, and LZW cooperated in denying SDK his legal right under contract governed by the laws of England. PGS ASA / PGSUK, WFW, and LZW also did not process a report submitted by an occupational health nurse who diagnosed stressed health conditions and recommended follow-up check-up. The OHN report (by Maggie Bream) also contradicts the documented narrative being uttered by forged documents within SDKs PGS ASA / PGSUK professional personnel file. PGS ASA / PGSUK, WFW, and LZW processed defamatory forged documents and withheld a medical report recommending medical care to support an illegal termination settlement contract used to illegally terminate a foreign worker whistleblower. Throughout this conspiracy to defraud and defame (professionally blacklist) the target of health-harming workplace abuse, PGS ASA / PGSUK, WFW, and LZW also violated foreign worker employment reporting provisions (Tier 2 visa sponsorship of worker and dependent family members) and withheld or fabricated material immigrant worker data from UK Government Border Agency. Concurrent to all this, PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services) ASA Board of Directors were pursuing membership status into the UN Global Compact making commitments to work against the many human rights and employment law violations that PGS ASA Board of Directors had just perpetrated against a foreign worker whistleblower. Disgusting!

PGS ASA Board of Directors have been deceiving investors and stakeholders since at least 2013. Demand police investigation of the PGS ASA Board of Directors and Executive Team.

PGS ASA / PGSUK, WFW, and LZW not only defrauded and defamed a foreign worker whistleblower, but also actively sought to deceive UK, Norway, and USA government agencies, as well as PGS ASA investors and stakeholders. PGS ASA, WFW, and LZW have never attempted to counter these allegations even though SDK is bound by contractual non-disparagement clauses governed by the laws of England.


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