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Norway’s PGS ASA Bull Shit Governance (BSG) Report 2020

People who invest in PGS ASA or give them their business are stupid and support evil corruption that hurts honest and hard working global citizens and the energy industry.

PGS ASA engaged Thai law firm Duensing – Kippen to blackmail whistleblower SDK who was living in Thailand to de-publish legally protected public disclosure. PGS ASA has misrepresented legal and contractually protected public disclosure (Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998) as CRIMINAL DEFAMATION under Thai law. PGS ASA sponsored vexatious litigation led to the theft of site where whistleblower SDK legally protected content was published from August 2016 – December 2019. PGS ASA and SDK are bound by contracts governed by the laws of ENGLAND. The claim of criminal defamation is absurd. The contracts contain Confidentiality terms and conditions that provide legal avenues of redress for publications that disparage PGS ASA and its stakeholders. Disparagement is a much lower legal threshold than defamation. PGS ASA has never behaved responsibly and investigated whistleblowing claims. Instead of invoking contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions, PGS ASA deletes legally protected disclosure and then lies to content providers (LinkedIn and Twitter) to get whistleblower SDK restricted and his content removed. PGS ASA does not want to respond to whistleblowing claims, but rather wants to continue to be able to deceive and rob PGS ASA stakeholders and the oil and gas industry.

Therefore, any settlement contract that is intended to end an employment relationship on fair, equitable and reasonable terms, yet allows the employer and its agents open to such public ridicule and criticism would not seem to accomplish its intended objectives. 

Petroleum Geo-Services #PGS #CEO #Pedersen and the Management of Gang Rape (24 October 2017) – Republish

PGS ASA should be boycotted and the board and executive management team should be removed and fully investigated. PGS ASA clearly cannot perform optimally until the accusations of board and executive corruption are resolved by a third party police investigation. PGS ASA board and management are behaving very irresponsibly. If PGS ASA board and management are not perverting the course of justice and trying to escape accountability for criminal behavior, then PGS ASA board and management should be removed for utter incompetence. If PGS ASA board and management are not guilty of crimes, then they are imbeciles who cannot manage simple contracts with Confidentiality terms and conditions intended to prevent publications like this one. If lawyer Rune Olav Pedersen is not a criminal, then he is an incompetent buffoon!

Settlement Agreements: The Key Issues for UK Employers

The emotional maturity of a typical narcissistic person is akin to a 5-year-old child who pouts and refuses to play with a friend in the sandbox because the friend wants to share the pail and shovel. The 5-year-old refuses to talk with the friend and angrily storms off to play on the jungle gym with someone else. The bewildered child with the pail and shovel may feel confused, rejected, and may not understand why they can’t share. He or she just wanted to build a sand castle together.

Silent Treatment: Preferred Weapon of People with Narcissism

PGS ASA harassed and abused me and my family in violation of UK Health and Safety Act 1974. PGS ASA discriminated against a foreign worker in violation of the Equality Act 2010. PGS ASA had a DUTY OF CARE responsibility. Instead of following policy and ending the health-harming behavior of a foreign worker, PGS ASA obstructed the worker from filing a complaint and then when a complaint was filed, PGS ASA did not follow their legal and contractual obligations. Instead, they bribed lawyers to form a fraudulent settlement agreement to terminate a whistleblower under false pretenses. PGS ASA created forged and defamatory documents to support their illegal termination of a whistleblower. PGS ASA breached the employment contract violating multiple clauses from Data Protection Act 1998 protections to the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 protecting whistleblowers. PGS ASA also defrauded the immigration agencies of the UK, USA and Thailand. PGS ASA denied a foreign worker legal due process afforded to UK citizens through bribery and fraud. The victim of crimes was sent back to the USA through the use of forged documents and a fraudulent contract. Once in the USA, PGS ASA illegally shared defamatory information to blacklist their victim of harassment and discrimination.

Narcissists and the Silent Treatment
TUC Bullying at Work

PGS ASA CEO Rune Olav Pedersen has never denied accusations and therefore confesses that he is a cowardly lying criminal piece of shit. Rune Olav Pedersen is protected by contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions prohibiting former PGS ASA employees from publishing content that disparages PGS ASA stakeholders. Former PGS ASA General Counsel Rune Olav Pedersen takes NO legal action to protect PGS ASA stakeholders reputation and value? It is Rune Olav Pedersen’s most important responsibility as CEO that he is failing at! Lawyer Rune Olav Pedersen knows that PGS ASA breached the original employment contract. Lawyer Rune Olav Pedersen also knows that the documents supporting the illegally proffered termination contract are defamatory forgeries.

Lawyer Rune Olav Pedersen has been allowed through a corrupt corporate governance system and incompetent police processes that allows fraud claims to soar with no redress for victims to remain fraudulently silent and continue to rob shareholders unabated. Cowardly criminal peice of shit Rune Olav Pedersen is allowed to continue his fraud and deceit of PGS ASA stakeholders and publish rubbish “responsibility reports.” It is a travesty.

When a group of adults are allowed to conspire, coordinate, and engage in workplace mobbing, involving fraud, with the explicit intent of harming and robbing targets of their professional livelihood and reputation, it should resonate with all stakeholders.  Such violent plunder and theft is intended to harm and destroy the targets of abuse while protecting the “rapists.”

Petroleum Geo-Services #PGS #CEO #Pedersen and the Management of Gang Rape (24 October 2017) – Republish

PGS ASA was very cognizant that I was a foreign worker and they exploited the condition. The claim of discrimination was grounded in my Tier 2 foreign worker status. PGS ASAs objective was to force me to leave the UK so that the discrimination and harassment claims would not make it to tribunal. PGS ASA also knew that this pressure was exacerbated because I was in the UK with my dependent family members. What I could not foresee was that I was working amid criminals and not civil professionals. My witness in the grievance process, John Barnard, and my legal advisors, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson (Rushton) would accept bribes, betray me, and become co-conspirators in the fraud. Legal firm Watson Farley & Williams’, Rhodri Thomas also accepted bribes to process an illegal termination. I could not foresee PGS ASA lawyers Rune Olav Pedersen, Candida Pinto, Ben Kelly and Carl Richards actually breaking the law to illegally defraud a colleague of money and reputation. Such behavior was beyond my wildest imagination.

If this is not a truthful public disclosure, all mentioned should invoke the contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions. They do not because it is mostly true, excepting specific details. PGS ASA Retaliates against foreign worker whistleblowers. The Norwegian government protects criminals and harassers who embezzle shareholder money to protect their criminal activity. Rune Olav Pedersen should be in prison. People who do business with PGS ASA protect human rights abusers and criminals who distort the free and fair market.

Rune Olav Pedersen (PGS #Pedersen) is responsible for this contract and all of the online postings which it has inspired.  PGS #Pedersen was the principal agent who oversaw the resolution of a grievance addressing workplace bullying/mobbing, harassment, defamation, as well as a litany of other indiscretions, mostly regarding the abuse of position.

Petroleum Geo-Services #PGS #CEO #Pedersen and the Management of Gang Rape (24 October 2017) – Republish

I am an enemy of the corrupt board and management because I wanted them to follow the rules, policies and the law (of Norway and England).  I am an enemy of the corrupt board and management because they have misused company resources, diminished the profession, and deceived customers.  They have sanctioned all this to harm me and my family.  No agent from PGS/PGSUK has publicly challenged my truthful narrative. 

Petroleum Geo-Services #PGS #CEO #Pedersen and the Management of Gang Rape (24 October 2017) – Republish