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Norway’s United States of America Laws Denial

Corrupt Narcissistic Norway is Playing the Global Corporate Community and Norwegian People


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Norway’s largest corporation, Equinor, Chairman of the Board of Directors has been permitted to illegally discriminate against a foreign worker and his family to avoid accountability for acts of violent illegal discrimination and harassment against USA and Thai citizens under his Duty of Care.

pgs asa solberg

Norwegian corporations are permitted to retaliate against USA citizen whistleblowers with impunity. Corrupt political and corporate leaders deny victims of harassment, mobbing, and discrimination due process through not abiding by there own laws and denying the victims citizenship and intrinsic human rights.

Fiduciary Duties Owed by Boards of Directors to Both Solvent and Insolvent Companies

Norwegian corporate retaliation against whistleblowers includes defrauding government agencies in Norway, UK, USA and Thailand as well as continuous misinformation campaigns to deceive stakeholders and investors. Norwegian corporate leaders bribe law firms to obstruct justice and protect criminals.

Reinhardsen Landau Law London

The defamation and fraud perpetrated against SDK and his family was dependent on PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and SDKs “legal” advisors, Landau Zeffertt & Weir principal Philip Landau, now with Landau Law, knowledge that SDK was a US citizen / UK Tier 2 visa holder with no ties to the UK beyond PGS ASA legally sponsored employment. The fraudulent settlement that the conspirators formed would end SDKs employment as well as allow the conspirators to escape accountability within the English legal system.

Norway Bru Landau Law London

The PGS ASA personnel records are defamatory forgeries intended to illegally professionally blacklist a victim of crimes and whistleblower. SDK communications / email correspondence with Philip Landau and Holly Hobson (Rushton) from 10 October 2013 through 5 December 2013 contradict the contents of SDKs PGS ASA personnel records.

Norway Solberg Landau Law London

None of the dated records are signed by the employee/data subject, SDK, and are neither legal nor accurate. The records violate the Principles of the Data Protection Act, and thus are human rights violations. The illegal records would reveal fraud and other crimes in a legitimate venue. All of the conspirators – lawyers, human resources personnel, and SDK co-workers – are aware of this, especially current PGS ASA CEO and former General Counsel, Rune Olav Pedersen.

Landau Law London pgs christin steen-nilsen

All of the lawyers / legal firms that formed the illegal employment termination settlement contract participated in the confidence fraud, health-harming harassment, and discrimination intended to deny a US citizen foreign-worker and his family legal due process under contract and the Laws of England. They are now all perverting the course of justice through their silence.

pgs houston watson farley & williams

The most abhorrent and criminal silence is by SDKs hired / paid legal counsel, Philip Landau and Holly Hobson (Rushton) and SDKs designated witness for the contractually guaranteed workplace grievance process, former co-worker, John Barnard. PGS ASA bribed Landau et al. and Barnard to not support SDK, even though they agreed to ensure that SDK was treated fairly. SDK was left alone in a foreign country to combat injustice in a rigged system.

london watson farley & williams auluk tier 2 pgs

PGS ASA UK legal counsel Watson Farley & Williams was also bribed to participate in the confidence fraud. Watson Farley & Williams advised on the processing of the Tier 2 work permit and dependent family member visa that allowed the USA and Thai citizens to reside in England LEGALLY. These visas were approved based on the information which PGS ASA provided to UK immigration. However, this information is different than the records being processed by PGS ASA in their SDK personnel records today.

norway oslo bors jon erik reinhardsen corruption

The only reason that SDK is still publishing legal disclosure is because Philip Landau and Holly Hobson advised on an employment termination settlement contract that is fraudulent. SDK never received “legal” advice. Philip Landau and Holly Hobson ignored the substance of SDKs formal workplace grievance claiming workplace harassment and discrimation to defraud and defame client SDK and his family members. This perverting the course of justice and fraud persists through the cabals insistence to continue processing illegal and defamatory personnel records and sharing them globally.

pgs asa kristin omreng hr corruption

PGS ASA cannot stop these publications by any legal means, so the cabal continues to defraud investors and other stakeholders through suppressing the truth and by relying on social media platform censorship. Legal contracts do not rely on misinformed social media truth gate-keepers.

pgs asa compliance omreng

Legal contracts are in place to ensure investors are protected from losses which are the by-product of corruption and fiduciary breach. Corrupt organizations use illegal non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements to silence whistleblowers who reveal corruption that robs investors and manipulates the competitive market, including professional employment which favors the unethical who participate in the harassment and discrimination and turn their heads to corruption.

ben kelly pgs asa rhodri thomas

Had SDK NOT BEEN A FOREIGN WORKER, PGS ASA could not have so easily escaped legal due process. Because PGS ASA bribed both SDKs legal counsel, Landau and Hobson, as well as Watson Farley & Williams, PGS ASA were able to gaslight and manipulate – constrain – their crime victims options of redress. PGS ASA would only finalize settlement payments once SDK had relocated to the USA and SDK had to show proof of these expenses. This means that embezzled PGS funds were transferred for payments in the USA.

holly hobson london BDBF pgs

The PGS ASA confidence fraud limited SDKs choices. PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau – Hobson ignored the health-harming impact on SDK and his family by withholding and not considering a damning Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) report which supported SDKs harassment and discrimination claims. It was imperative that SDK and his family be out of England with no health care insurance for the cabals confidence fraud to work.

pgs asa ceo cgg tgs

What is most disconcerting is that “professionals” from PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau Law so easily participated in these illegal and voilent activities against me and my wife and children. And now, they so easily protect criminals and human rights abusers. PGS ASA has caused irrepairable damage to multiple industries and their professionals. Every true professional should want the same justice that SDK seeks.

pgs asa ceo pedersen landau law

Most parents would expect these criminals to be prosecuted and held accountable. Norway is like a spoiled child that needs to be disciplined. Norway can no longer simply say that they are anti-corruption. Norway needs to prove that they are anti-corruption and investigate Equinor, Telenor, and PGS ASA leadership – anything connected to Jon Erik Reinhardsen is polluted and corrupt.

duensing kippen tippaya moonmanee pgs

Jon Erik Reinhardsen has never been asked to address the multiple allegations made against him. This is corruption. Keeping silent is normally what the accused do when they are arrested and facing prosecution. It is a fiduciary breach to say nothing when the value of the company is reduced through such silence. Everyone except the police seems to know that Jon Erik Reinhardsen is guilty of some crime(s) and needs to be investigated.

duensing kippen tippaya moonmanee carl richards

The crimes that the Reinhardsen cabal are accused of are against a USA citizen and his Thai-USA family. Reinhardsen is also accused of multiple USA Federal crimes from misusing USA passports, forging legal records, misusing company funds to pay bribes to pervert the course of justice … the list is long. But, these crimes and cover-up are part of an intentional disinformation campaign impacting investors and professionals.

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In the upside-down paradigm of Reinhardsen, the most corrupt influence the industry the most. When corruption STARTS upstream, it only increases down stream. Corruption is expensive for the end product user, meaning higher oil and gas prices are the natural result. Of course, the corrupt players will line their pockets with money stolen from the principled professionals.

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