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Open Letter to CGG and TGS Board of Directors

Institutional Betrayal, DARVO, Workplace Mobbing, Gaslighting, and the Geo-Services Professional


Grievance Document Presented to Petroleum Geo-Services / PGS Exploration (UK) Limited
[20 September 2013] – was Whistleblowing
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Partnership with Corrupt PGS is an Irresponsible Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Regarding the 14 December 2020 Announcement of a Strategic Partnership for shared MultiClient Data Offerings between PGS, TGS and CGG


CGG Board of Directors:

Philippe Salle, Chairman of the Board; Sophie Zurquiyah; Anne-France Laclide-Drouin; Mario Ruscev; Colette Lewiner; Helen Lee Bouygues; Heidi Petersen; Michael Daly; Patrice Guillaume

TGS Board of Directors:

Henry H. Hamilton III, Chairman of the Board; Wenche Agerup; Mark Leonard; Vicki Messer; Torstein Sanness; Irene Egset; Christopher Finlayson


PGS Board of Directors

Walter Qvam, Chairman of the Board; Anne Grethe Dalane; Trond Brandsrud; Richard Herbert; Marianne Kah; Anette Valbø; Grunde Rønholt; Hege Renshus
CGG and TGS Directors:

My name is Steven Kalavity (SDK). I am a USA citizen who worked with Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) for several years globally. SDK has ascertained that his employment with PGS ended illegally 31 December 2013 for blowing the whistle. The fact that SDK remains able to publish content online that disparages PGS reveals how woefully corrupt and inept the PGS corporate governance system is. PGS is processing defamatory forged documents that support an illegal termination settlement contract intended to defame and blacklist SDK from employment. SDK is the one who has abided by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Code of Ethics, PGS Core Values, and PGS Code of Conduct. SDKs original contract of employment contained Confidentiality terms and conditions that prohibit publishing content that disparages PGS. The exception to this is the publishing of legally protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing. SDK has been publishing such legally protected content online since July 2015. However, PGS has never honored contractual terms and conditions in place to protect company reputation and value. PGS’ fiduciary duty is to either cite a breach in the contract to stop future publications and protect company reputation and value (if the publications are not legally protected) or thoroughly investigate valid whistleblowing claims. PGS has taken neither of these steps. Instead, PGS has relied on social media manipulation and deletion of legally protected content without consideration. In other words, PGS is intentionally deceiving stakeholders and investors through their maintaining a false narrative and refusing to perform their fiduciary duty and investigate whistleblowing claims which expose PGS director and executive corruption. In the process, PGS also intentionally defames and defrauds SDK. The PGS board of directors and several key executives are a disgrace and should be replaced and investigated. At the same time, an industry and PGS principal shareholders who accept such publications not being fully investigated are also similarly abrogating their duties.

Because of PGS’ irresponsible contractual breaches and poor fiduciary oversite, SDK continues to publish content in his quest for truth and justice and bringing honor and dignity back to himself, the industry and profession. (The truth should be non-negotiable, yet PGS’ “quest” is obstructing justice and escaping accountability through the support of a false narrative presented through forged defamatory documents.) PGS is a corrupt organization that defiles both the industry and geoscience professional ethics. While PGS’ illegal and unethical retaliation of a whistleblower is especially damaging to the whistleblower and his family, PGS’ main objective in silencing legal protected disclosure is to allow PGS to continue their deceit of customers and shareholders. PGS is a cowardly and dysfunctional organization that hides behind lies and embezzled resources. PGS agents accept their own and PGS’ disparagement as a condition of employment by a criminal syndicate masquerading as a technologically focused marine geophysical company. PGS agents are rewarded for breaching their own employment contracts, including PGS policy, PGS Code of Conduct and PGS Core Values. PGS agents have never even attempted to confront published allegations disparaging their own and PGS character even though Confidentiality terms and conditions embody their employment contracts. Ignoring such accusations should not be tolerated by business partners nor shareholders. The entire purpose of including Confidentiality terms and conditions is to ensure stakeholders that company value will be protected from the disparagement of a whistleblower, but also from the damage of corruption which the whistleblower reveals. This is why Confidentiality clauses cannot be used solely to silence whistleblowing. PGS is in breach of their commitments to all stakeholders, but especially to investors and business partners, through taking no affirmative action on published content which disparages the company.

The current PGS Chairman of the Board, Walter Qvam, has been referred to as a criminal moron within online publications. PGS CEO and President, Rune Olav Pedersen, and CFO and EVP Gottfred Langseth, have been publicly exposed as criminals within several online publications. Likewise, current PGS UK Head of Legal, John Francas, has been referred to as a fraudster and a fuck-head. Former PGS UK Head of Legal, Carl Richards, has been called a lying criminal pussy. Since July 2015, former PGS CEO and President Jon Erik Reinhardsen has been publicly accused within online publications of criminal behavior and more recently has been referred to as a more vulgar lying criminal cunt. All are accused of criminal blackmail, embezzlement and fraud. Such online published content online is not considered disparaging and a breach in the employment contract Confidentiality terms and conditions? The PGS cabal members may be fine with being called such things and none have invoked the terms and conditions of their employment contracts, as duty requires. The point of Confidentiality terms and conditions is not about how much Reinhardsen (now remarkably Chairman of Norway’s Equinor – Norway’s largest company – board of directors) values his own reputation. As an employee, and especially as a director and key executive, one’s contractual duty is to protect the reputation and value of PGS! Yet, the corrupt are allowed to breach their contracts routinely without scrutiny nor rebuke of stakeholders. It’s a disgrace that has allowed accused corporate criminals to continue abusing and damaging their victims.

None of these Named Accused Criminals Care about the Reputation and Value of their Employer or their Own Reputation to Invoke Contractual Confidentiality Terms and Conditions even when it’s their Responsibility to do so? Is it a Breach of Contract and Fiduciary Duty?

Google Image Searches

PGS ASA named Accused Criminal Conspirators
The Crimes of @PhilipLandau #London #EmploymentLaw #Solicitor and Petroleum Geo-Services #PGS #CEO #Pedersen (30-Dec-2017) p118-120
Legal Firm Watson Farley & Williams Accused Criminal Conspirators
Legal Firm Landau Zeffert & Wier (LZW) and Landau Law Accused Criminal Conspirators (SDK hired Counsel)
Thailand Legal Firm Duensing – Kippen Accused Criminal Conspirators (Paid by PGS ASA) in lieu of invoking Contractual Confidentiality Terms and Conditions Governed by English Law)
Boycott Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) [22 June 2016] – The Business, Health and Safety Case for Thorough Due Diligence 

PGS’ corrupt and irresponsible stonewalling in addressing what should be simple issues is destroying company reputation and value. Therefore, SDK is concerned with the CGG and TGS executive decision to form a business partnership with PGS. Such a partnership with corrupt PGS risks devaluing the reputation and share value of both CGG and TGS, as well as diminishing the reputations of their own global geoscience professionals substantially. Since at least 2013, PGS has been actively defrauding the marine seismic industry. The annually published Responsibility Reports are remarkably deceptive works of fiction. The truth is that the PGS board of directors have, and continue to abrogate their of fiduciary duties on behalf of all their stakeholders. PGS’ dysfunctional and corrupt corporate governance system has already damaged their own company value and reputation. PGS has been provided license to pathologically deceive their stakeholders and the seismic industry in general. No PGS customer nor partner has responsibly demanded that simple compliance questions be addressed. So, exactly what is the function of due diligence if no evidence of compliance and a functional corporate governance system is required in forming partnerships?

Firstly, PGS has acknowledged severe damage to the company reputation and value through their sponsored criminal defamation litigation against whistleblower SDK in Thailand! PGS has never cited a breach in their contracts governed by the laws of England where the threshold for disparaging content that is much less than criminal defamation. There is no criminal defamation under English law. Rather, PGS cited the laws of Thailand where SDK resided as a US citizen, but no legal PGS subsidiary resides. (SDK regards the Thailand litigation as fraudulent extortion/blackmail with the main purpose to be to force the de-publishing of legally protected public disclosure or whistleblowing.) PGS is a Norwegian company where whistleblowing is protected through the Working Environment Act (WEA). SDK is a USA citizen who was sponsored by PGS’ UK subsidiary and was allowed to work and live in England with his family. By law and contract, the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) allows protected disclosure. Directors of SDKs employer engaged a Thai law firm to file claims of breach in Thailand law. Thailand law? SDKs employment contracts were governed by the laws of England. PGS is avoiding the English legal system that would reveal director and executive criminality. It also seems that the Norwegian government is aiding and abetting in crimes against US citizens. This is demonstrated by the promotion of criminals directly involved in violent criminal acts against USA-Thai citizens – the whistleblower and his family and not responding to email complaints.

SDK remains astonished by the hubris and idiocy of Norway’s corporate-political elite and their lack of understanding and judgement. First of all, the average lawyer and human resources professional is not as clever as the average geophysicist, as morons like Rune Olav Pedersen and Terje Bjølseth have learned. PGS putting their great confidence fraud in the hands of idiots like David Nicholson, Gareth Jones, Simon Cather and Carl Richards also showed more stellar poor judgement and over-estimation of their abilities, even added to their advantage in resources and controlling the narrative. The conspirators obviously did not anticipate a fight launched online by a tenacious victim of their crimes who would publish evidence of their wrong-doing. PGS obviously did not anticipate SDK submitting a subject access request (SAR) citing the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and actually receiving the proof of their fraud. At the same time, SDK did not realize the depth of actors involved in the confidence fraud. SDK also did not realize how feckless and uninquisitive Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) caseworkers and the police (ActionFraud) would be upon receiving the evidence of wrong-doing. SDK was astonished that contacted lawyers did not see any problem with a personnel file populated with documents not signed by the subject. Much of this was likely due to the fact that all the lawyers involved from Watson Farley and Williams and SDKs counsel, Landau Zeffert & Weir had been bribed by PGS to support the false narrative and intimidate others to accept it.

Second Open Letter to PGS Exploration UK Limited Directors Rune Olav Pedersen, Gottfred Langseth, Christin Steen-Nilsen, Carl Richards and UK Serious Fraud Office (16-October-2018)

PGS likely thought that they were the smartest guys in the room having covered all lose ends. In 2013, PGS CEO was Jon Erik Reinhardsen. In 2020, it was revealed that Equinor, the largest Norwegian company, where Reinhardsen presently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors, lost over $20 billion USD in their US projects. Reinhardsen had been similarly misguided while PGS CEO. There was a steep decline in oil prices in mid-2014 that sent the industry reeling. PGS had already expanded their fleet size with the purchase of four new build Titan class Ramform vessels between 2013 – 2014. However, PGS continued their fleet expansion even more through assuming leases on vessels operated by Dolphin Geophysical following its descent into insolvency when most vessel operators stacked vessels. CGG reduced its fleet consecutively following the 2014 crash. (TGS has never owned a fleet of seismic vessels.) The Norwegian oil and gas industry seemed to be overly optimistic about a quick recovery, which meant that more and higher risks became acceptable.

Rapid growth for a period led to significant control problems. The board and management should have seen and addressed this sooner.


Reinhardsen became Equinor Chairman of the Board 1 September 2017. (StatOil was officially renamed to Equinor in May 2018). On 6 September 2015, SDK published, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) CEO Jon Erik Reinhardsen Should Resign. SDK has published several other articles prior to Reinhardsen being appointed Chairman:

Another Unanswered E-mail to PGS ASAs Rune Olav Pedersen, Gottfred Langseth, Berit Osnes, Nathan Oliver, Rob Adams and Walter Qvam (6 June 2020)

PGS never cited a contractual breach in the Confidentiality terms and conditions while Reinhardsen served as PGS CEO. However, in September 2018, two claims were delivered to the residence in Thailand where SDK was staying immediately following his departure from Thailand. The first claim was sponsored by Carl Richards, PGS UK Head of Legal and secretary of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited secretary until 25 May 2018. The second claim was sponsored by the directors of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, Rune Olav Pedersen, Gottfred Langseth, and Christin Steen-Nilsen. These were both complaints claiming criminal defamation under Thai law. The claims only cited a sample of the volume of published online legally protected disclosure. PGS Exploration (UK) Limited is an English company governed by the laws of England and therefore, the UK Limitations Act sets a one-year time limit from publish date to file defamation claims. The reason that there were several publications to “reference” within the Thai claims is due to the non-action of directors from July 2015 – September 2018 when PGS was obligated to honor their contract Confidentiality terms and conditions! Beyond this, Richards should not have been able to file a separate second claim as a private person referencing content that was published while he was a secretary. This was misrepresentation, but also meant SDK had “defend” and finance two illegal claims. SDK was forced to sign another compromise agreement governed by Thai law, but with adjudication venues also in Texas, USA?! (SDKs US home of record.) SDK does not regard the PGS sponsored Thai agreements to be legal.

There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat.

John Tuld, character in “MargiN Call”

The StatOil Board of Directors nevertheless selected incompetent and corrupt buffoon Reinhardsen to be their Board Chairman! The same incompetence that approved the bad investments leading to $20 USD billion losses also appointed an accused criminal as Chairman! And now Norway’s Oil Minister Tina Bru is surprised at a bad outcome? First of all, in business no money is ever really lost. Money is redistributed for the value placed on a transaction by every party involved. If Equinor paid too much for US assets, then US firms or operatives likely profited. And here is where Equinor hubris comes into play. The population of the US is 328 million. The population of Texas is 29 million. Texas is sort of the hub of the US oil and gas industry and as a US state is the tenth largest world economy. The population of Norway is 5.4 million and boasts the 45th largest world economy. When one cannot compete on a level playing field, those with lower ability and character cheat. But, one still has to be clever to get away with cheating. Had SDK not already formed an assessment of Norway corporate culture, bad investments would be aligned to bad luck. However, Reinhardsen had already exposed himself as a corrupt fraudster to SDK. Therefore, one must follow the money and see if Equinor “losses” lined the pockets of the Norwegian corporate – political elite.

The Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) Ambush Meeting and the Definition of Fraud (24-May-2016)

When PGS decided to manipulate a sponsored US citizen and Thai family members personal passport and visa information, the cabal began breaking international laws and abusing their human rights. To hide this illegal behavior, the morally decrepit PGS board of directors signed onto the UN Global Compact. This was included within a the 2013-2014 PGS CEO Reinhardsen Responsibility Letter to deceive stakeholders and investors with a false image of integrity and interest in rooting out corruption. PGS signed onto the UN Global Compact two-weeks after defrauding a whistleblower and victim of harassment and discrimination! If one were to characterize the PGS organization as an individual, PGS is a narcissist. Narcissists generally lack empathy and tend to have unrealistically high opinions of themselves. Narcissists lie pathologically. Narcissists also tend to form shallow relationships to exploit and manipulate others. Narcissists are generally not impulsive, aggressive, or habitually deceitful.  Principally, narcissists characteristically have a strong need for the admiration, esteem, or envy of others. PGS has never denied nor even commented on publicly disclosed accusations that PGS Board of Directors and key executives have been involved in illegal acts, including bribery, fraud, embezzlement, blackmail, and extortion.

If Norway’s corporate governance were functional, there is no way that so much content disparaging PGS, and anything connected to PGS, would populate the web. But, such content does populate the web. The PGS solution to this has been to delete and hide the truth from investors. But, the sheer amount of content published overwhelms such attempts to hide. PGS’ solution has failed miserably. Norway has always seemed like a nice country to SDK. However, Norway’s political – corporate support of criminals who intentionally harmed a US citizen and his US-Thai family cannot be tolerated. Norwegian citizen’s need to demand an investigation of the political – corporate elite, starting with Reinhardsen and his cabal. Reinhardsen may be a big deal in Norway. However, in the eyes of this Texan, Reinhardsen is a stupid and cowardly criminal who thinks it’s okay to harm innocent children and old people. Reinhardsen and his cabal are luckily (for them) protected. SDK has invited Reinhardsen, Langseth, and Steen-Nilsen to present their claims in the Texas courts. The Texas courts are referenced within the Thai compromise agreements that SDK was forced to sign under threat of imprisonment (2-5 years per claim) in Thailand. Clearly, it should be easy for PGS and Carl Richards to prove breach of contract for disparagement if PGS (Equinor and Telenor) believed that they and Carl Richards actually have valid criminal defamation cases in Thailand?

SDK worked for PGS over fourteen consecutive years until his illegal termination for whistleblowing 31 December 2013. How is it possible that SDK can continue to breach contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions in 2020? PGS has taken no legal action on contracts governed by the laws of England and allowed PGS directors, executives, as well as contracted businesses, to be accused of corrupt and criminal acts. It is intuitively obvious to anyone with their eyes open that there is corruption and incompetence. PGS has allowed the reputation and value of company employees and stakeholders to be diminished. Never once has a director or key executive intervened to protect shareholder value. The corrupt and moronic PGS Board of Directors should have been fired years ago! CGG and TGS will open themselves up to such disparagement if they do business with PGS. SDK will guarantee it. This is about honoring the geophysicist profession and the industry that employs them. The future that SDKs sees for his children is one where evil idiots and their minions are punished, not their victims. CGG and TGS will have to explain why they support and finance evil corruption that places the industry and professionals at risks? Or CGG and TGS can demand answers through thorough due diligence and be the righteous defenders of integrity for the industry and its professionals. Do your (fiduciary) duty!

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date:Dec 25, 2020, 1:20 PM
subject:Open Letter to CGG and TGS Board of Directors


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