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Open Letter to TGS ASA Board of Directors

A Whistleblowers Thoughts on TGS ASA Merging with PGS ASA


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Open Letter to TGS ASA Board of Directors:


Chairman Christopher Finlayson

Directors: Irene Egset, Grethe Kristin Moen, Svein Harald Øygard, Bettina Bachmann, Luis Araujo, Maurice Nessim

On 5 December 2013, I signed a termination settlement agreement with PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, England. This event altered every aspect of my life.

This settlement agreement enforced should prohibit the publication of content that disparages PGS ASA stakeholders. The problem is that the settlement agreement is an fraudulent instrument which was illegally used to terminate and blacklist a foreign worker whistleblower. PGS ASA has never honored their obligations under law and contract to enforce the terms and conditions of these Confidentiality clauses because PGS ASA crimes would be easily exposed in an English court of law. When TGS and PGS combine, TGS will own this illegal contract and moreover the illegal forged documents created to deceive global government immigration and data protection agencies. TGS will now be fervently disparaged until they meet their legal obligation under law and contract.

I am a USA citizen who was being sponsored on a Tier 2 visa to work in England. My wife and two dependent children lived with me in a foreign country when the bullying, harassment, and discrimination took its toll. I was coerced to sign the illegal contract that allowed me to escape the toxic and corrupt work environment. Mainly, the illegal contract allowed corrupt PGS ASA executives and board members to escape accountability for numerous crimes and immoral behavior.

I had wanted to proceed through the formal grievance process and act on my legal and contractual right to have my voice acknowledged. I was denied this promise. PGS ASA first obstructed and then denied my legal right under English law and contract to address the numerous issues that were brought to light. Under Norway’s Working Environment Act (WEA), employees have both the right and obligation to report censurable conditions without fear of illegal retaliation. Bullying, mobbing and discrimination are so defined as censurable conditions.

This right and obligation to report censurable conditions was first denied me while an employee in England. PGS and TGS continue to breach their fiduciary obligation by not enforcing contractual terms and conditions. This is why I can publish this piece now on my personally owned platforms. I first published my legally protected public disclosure by contract referencing English law, Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) on the LinkedIN Pulse platform in 2015. PGS violated the law and breached their legal obligation to address illegal and unethical business practices then by having me censured and removed from the LinkedIN platform thus disparaging and defaming a whistleblower.

Following my removal from the LinkedIN platform in 2016, I published on my own website, (No Psychopaths in Geo-Services). In 2017, I wrote an Open Letter to PGS Board Chairman and other Directors published on that was ignored. PGS again breached their legal obligation in 2018 by illegally asserting that publications on were criminal defamation as defined by laws of the Kingdom of Thailand where me and my family resided. Remarkably, the Open Letter was cited in the Thai legal claim as being criminally defamatory. Of course, the same content never breached the terms of employment contracts governed by the laws of England. Through this illegal extortion to silence a whistleblower exposing PGS crimes, was stolen and evidence was illegally destroyed. However, I persevered and continued publishing legally protected content exposing censurable conditions.

In 2020, after I returned to the USA, PGS illegally threatened my family living in Thailand and me in the USA by delivering false criminal claims and writing illegal threatening emails. PGS has never relied on the original employment contract or subsequent settlement contract to stop my publications. Therefore, the legally protected publications persist and will continue. They will be more focused on TGS and other corrupt Norwegian companies – some publicly owned – such as Equinor and Telenor. TGS has aligned with criminals and corruption and disparaged the upstream oil and gas industry in the process. TGS moral weakness disgusts me.


Steven Kalavity, Whistleblower

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