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PGS ASA: Webcast Details for Presentation of Q4 2020 Results and 2021 Perspectives

A board of directors should exercise reasonable prudence in carrying out their duties to achieve the best interests of the corporation. An officer or director may be held personally liable for failing to exercise reasonable or ordinary care under the circumstances, e.g., invoking contractual confidentiality clauses in place to protect company reputation and value.

PGS ASA Customers and Investors are Idiots that allow the Corrupt and Incompetent Board of Directors and Executive Management to Ignore their Responsibility of Protecting Company Reputation and Value.

The “data protection dispute” acting PGS Exploration (UK) Limited secretary, Carl Richards, refers to is the data subjects claim that PGS ASA processed forged and defamatory documents to support a termination settlement agreement. What data did Richards provide to Thai law firm Duensing – Kippen to establish a defamation claim? PGS ASA illegally released SDKs sensitive personal data to a third-party (Richards) who then shared it with another third-party (Duensing – Kippen)? Why is English lawyer and secretary of a company governed by the laws of England relying on Thai laws instead of the confidentiality terms and conditions of the employment contract also governed by the laws of England which prohibit the publication of derogatory content about PGS ASA or its agents/stakeholders?

Commentary and Analysis

Why do PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and Landau Law agents allow themselves to be called Criminal Pieces of Shit if they are not Criminal Pieces of Shit? Silence is consent ActionFraud (and ICO)!

Criminal Pieces of Shit:

PGS ASA named Accused Criminal Conspirators

(Waiting for the police to investigate and confirm)

Legal Firm Watson Farley & Williams Accused Criminal Conspirators

(Waiting for the police to investigate and confirm)

Legal Firm Landau Law / Landau Zeffert & Wier (LZW) Accused Criminal Conspirators

(Waiting for the police to investigate and confirm)

SDK hired Counsel and reason that I am able to publish so much content since 3 July 2015!

Thailand Legal Firm Duensing – Kippen Accused Criminal Conspirators (Paid by PGS ASA) in lieu of invoking Contractual Confidentiality Terms and Conditions Governed by English Law)

(Waiting for the police to investigate and confirm)

Wake-up and do you your job, ActionFraud!

On or before 4 February 2021, PGS ASA will need to respond to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding the transfer of USA citizen and PGS ASA whistleblower, SDK, personal data to THAILAND and USA.

Such transfers can only take place if conditions are met under Chapter 5 of the General data Protection Regulations (GDPR) . ICO has requested that PGS ASA UK subsidiary provide information to demonstrate how PGS ASA have met the conditions of Chapter 5 of the GDPR with regard to the criminal and civil litigation carried out by Thailand law firm Duensing – Kippen on behalf of PGS Exploration (UK) Limited directors Rune Olav Pedersen, Gottfred Langseth, and Christin Steen-Nilsen, as well as (former) secretary Carl Richards (two claims).

More Legally Protected Public Disclosure Content Exposing PGS ASA Corruption and Deception will be added through Thursday, February 4, 2021.

PGS ASA Press Release

President & CEO Rune Olav Pedersen and EVP & CFO Gottfred Langseth will present the results and PGS 2021 perspectives, including company guidance, via a webcast the same day at 09:00 am CET. To join the webcast, copy and paste the link below into your browser, or go to PGS website
Webcast link:

A replay of the webcast will be made available on shortly after.

Bård Stenberg, VP IR & Corporate Communication
Mobile:  +47 99 24 52 35

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is a Worthless Organization

ICO Fails to Protect the Human Rights of Data Subjects. ICO Dysfunction Facilitates Data Controller Corruption and Abuse

SDK hired Legal Counsel Philip Landau and Holly Hobson have never represented nor defended client SDK. Philip Landau and Holly Hobson accepted bribes to participate in a confidence fraud. Philip Landau and Holly Hobson are criminal pieces of shit who should be in prison. Their silence is fraudulent and perverts the course of justice. Those who employ these bottom-feeding scum are negligent through poor due diligence and need to be held accountable.