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PGS ASA 2021 Annual Report Commentary

Shareholders must demand that PGS ASA honor their contracts and stop their theft and misuse of company resources

Legally Protected Public Disclosure PGS ASA Illegally Responds/Retaliates (Silence = Fraud)

pgs asa john francas fraud extortion

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pgs asa rune olav pedersen damian kelly watson farley williams landau law

pgs asa rune olav pedersen thailand duensing kippen

No PGS ASA Executive has ever taken legal action and denied public accusations that they are criminals even though contractual Confidentiality clauses should protect them from disparaging publications.

pgs asa ceo rune olav pedersen

pgs asa cfo gottfred langseth

pgs asa cfo gottfred langseth thailand duensing kippen

pgs asa john francas thailand duensing kippen

PGS ASA is knowingly illegally uttering forged and defamatory personnel records which were created to support an illegal settlement contract to terminate the employment of a foreign worker victim of crimes and whistleblower under false pretenses.

pgs asa evp nathan oliver gareth jones

pgs asa simon cather africa fraud watson farley williams

PGS ASA has misrepresented / defrauded global government data protection and immigration agencies with the aid of bribed legal firms/lawyers such as Watson Farley & Williams, LZW Law / Landau Law in England and Duensing – Kippen in Thailand.

pgs asa evp berit osnes audit

PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and LZW / Landau Law have not honored their contracts with Tier 2 visa sponsored foreign worker. PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and LZW / Landau Law conspired and misrepresented / mishandled legally protected public disclosure – whistleblowing to protect criminals.

pgs asa evp rob adams reksnes

pgs asa rob adams watson farley williams landau law

pgs asa operations per arild reksnes rob adams

PGS ASA does not respond to legally protected public disclosure claims, as defined by the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA), but instead sought to destroy public allegations of criminal behavior so that they could continue to deceive shareholders.

pgs asa watson farley & williams tier 2 pinto richards jones fraud

PGS ASA, Watson Farley & Williams, and LZW / Landau Law criminally pervert the course of justice to escape accountability for their decisions even though they acknowledge the publications negatively impact company reputation and value.

London / Leeds Employment Lawyer Damian Kelly Advised Me

pgs asa rune olav pedersen damian kelly fraud