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PGS ASAs Unethical Joshua May

SDKs hope is that the lying criminal mother-f**kers that are exposed through my LEGALLY PROTECTED PUBLIC DISCLOSURE will result in their eventual incarceration.

Former co-worker of the author, Joshua May, accepts the published accusations made about him to be true. Joshua May has never commented that the content published on the internet by SDK disparages him and is a breach in the contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions.

Every named person written about since 2015 has accepted the published accusations and criticisms as true. Every named person written about could file a claim citing the contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions even if they found the publications disparaging, much less untrue. Why don’t they?

pgs asa andrew long SEG

Most of the people named within the many publications are either direct participants in workplace mobbing. Otherwise, the named actors have been directly involved with protecting the actual perpetrators from accountability.

Sometimes known as “group bullying,” mobbing in the workplace involves groups of people targeting a coworker for isolation, humiliation, and aggression. The impact on mobbing targets, as well as the business itself, can be serious.