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Corrupt and Dangerous PGS ASA Completes Another GeoStreamer X Program

The corrupt PGS ASA Board of Directors and Executives need to be fired and prosecuted for the damage and the fraud that they have perpetrated against the upstream oil and gas industry.

PGS ASA has bribed co-conspirator law firm Watson Farley & Williams to deceive stakeholders.

A corrupt London employment law racket protects white collar criminals and aids in the harassment and abuse of their victims and whistleblowers.

The Norwegian people and global community are being hood-winked by a corrupt political-corporate execitive class that robs global investors by promoting criminals into positions of power and influence over state-public owned corporations, such as Equinor and Telenor. Criminal Jon Erik Reinhardsen serves as Chairman of the Board at Equinor and is a Board member for Telenor. Reinhardsen has never defended the reputations of Equinor, Telenor or PGS ASA where he served as CEO and President even though contracts he is party to prohibit publication of disparaging content. Of course, whistleblowing is protected by law, so Reinhardsen is protected and allowed to remain silent and take no action when accused of multiple crimes against a US foreign worker and his family.