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Questions for London Employment Law Solicitor Philip Landau Settlement Contract

Why SDK believes that Philip Landau was Bribed and Conspired with PGS ASA to Defraud his Foreign-Worker Whistleblower Client with Watson Farley & Williams

Landau, Zeffert and Weir Law (now Landau Law) misrepresented a vulnerable foreign-worker whistleblower and acted as double-agents. Landau accepted money from his client, but participated in a confidence fraud game with PGS ASA and their representative counsel Watson, Farley and Williams (Rhodri Thomas) to allow SDKs employer, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Norway’s PGS ASA, to illegally terminate a whistleblower through uttering forged documents used to support a fraudulent termination settlement contract. Landau participated in the perverting the course of justice through aborting the legally defined grievance process. SDKs grievance met the standard of whistleblowing. Landau remains unaccountable for his egregious and illegal acts against his “client.” Landau needs to be investigated and punished to the full extent of the law. Philip Landau is a criminal piece of shit. Is this a breach of Landau’s settlement contract Confidentiality non-disparagement clauses? Landau has never tried to defend his reputation by contract, but instead deletes content and misuses search engine manipulation techniques to deceive the public. Landau has never commented, advised, nor admonished his former client for his publications. Landau has allowed the terms and conditions of his negotiated settlement contract on behalf of SDK (really, PGS ASA) to be breached and has remained silent with regard to PGS ASA extortion litigation in the Thailand legal system.

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The Silent Treatment Abuse & Control
Landau Law Trustpilot Review. Landau tried to have removed but was luckily not allowed. Landau is aware of Thailand litigation against his former client.

PGS ASA Board of Directors Breach of Duty

PGS ASA had been Aware of SDK Published Content as Early as April 2016. PGS ASA should have been aware upon the first published protected disclosure on the LinkedIn Pulse platform 3 July 2016. However, during August 2016, PGS ASA actively deleted SDK protected public disclosure comments from their LinkedIn comment space. PGS ASA had lied to SDK and never responded to non-public communications in a legal and compliant way. This prompted SDK to use the PGS LinkedIn comment space to voice concerns and warn stakeholders. Every deletion is a breach of the original employment contract signed between SDK and PGS ASAs UK subsidiary, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited. Specifically, the terms and conditions of this contract allow publication of protected public disclosure as defined by the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. Further, every deletion represents a defrauding and defaming of the whistleblower, SDK as well as the upstream oil and gas community. PGS ASA chose not to address internal corruption, but instead illegally retaliate and pervert the course of justice when their misdeeds were exposed. PGS ASA has demonstrated violent retaliation of a whistleblower and need to be held accountable to SDK, investors, and the industry!

PGS ASA Board of Directors Deleting LINKEDIN Whistleblowing Comments is Defrauding Investors and Defaming the Whistleblower. Why no Investigation?


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