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The Disgrace of London Landau Law Employment Solicitors Fraudulent Silence

Saint Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1DD, United Kingdom

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Every question that marine seismic company PGS ASA and their counsel, Watson Farley & Williams refuses to answer should be answered by Tier 2 visa sponsored USA citizen SDKs legal advisors Philip Landau (Landau Law, London) and Holly Hobson (BDBF, London). But, Landau Law and BDBF are part of the Criminal Conspiracy to protect criminal abusers and defame (blacklist) and defraud victim SDK.

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The edifice of the criminal conspiracy and confidence fraud, of which Landau and Hobson were principal double-agents, was to assist PGS ASA in denying their USA citizen employee, SDK, his contractual and legal rights under English law. Landau and Hobson provided their client SDK with illegal advice and ignored SDK documented claims of PGS ASA illegal harassment, discrimination, as well as duty of care and health and safety law violations. SDKs submitted 20 September 2013 workplace grievance was legally protected public disclosure, or whistleblowing.

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SDK was employed by PGS ASA subsidiary PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, Surrey, England, KT13 0NY, under contract governed by the laws of England. SDK first animated on his legal and contractual right to submit a workplace grievance following an event orchestrated by the Human Resources Manager, David Nicholson, PGS Marine Contract Africa Regional President, Simon Cather, and Marine Contract Sales Manager, Edward von Abendorff, who were all employed in England and thus were all bound by the provisions and procedures defined within the PGS UK Personnel Handbook.

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Nicholson hosted this colloquially called “Ambush Meeting” which SDK believed was not compliant to the policies defined within the PGS UK Personnel Handbook. The Ambush Meeting is a universal tactic used by workplace bullies to expel targets so that the perpetrators – bullies – are not held accountable for their actions. The PGS UK Personnel Handbook states that such behavior will not be tolerated and perpetrators could be subject to summary dismissal from employment. PGS ASA violates their published policy and the law, so far without consequence.

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Without Prejudice Emails – Philip Landau Confidence Fraud Against Whistleblower

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