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The Disgrace that is Norway’s Corrupt Equinor

The London Employment Law Racket – Part 10

The Crimes of Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) CEO Jon Erik Reinhardsen (4-Sep-2016)

The Norwegian government has been actively involved in the obstruction of justice and fraud directed to a USA citizen victim of crimes and whistleblower. The Norwegian government promoted accused criminals implicated in this racketeering into key positions within their top companies. Jon Erik Reinhardsen was CEO and President of Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS). Reinhardsen served as a director of the PGS subsidiary PGS Exploration (UK) Limited in England. Steven Kalavity (SDK) is a USA citizen who was employed by PGS Exploration (UK) Limited on a company sponsored Tier 2 visa – work permit. SDKs dependent family members lived with SDK in England from September 2010 – December 2013 while Reinhardsen had substantial authority over the toxic and corrupt workplace during this period. Criminal Reinhardsen is now Chairman of the Board for Norway’s largest company, Equinor where, through his criminal silence, he continues to defraud and defame a whistleblower and the greater oil and gas industry.

SDKs employment with PGS Exploration (UK) Limited ended in December 2013 through a termination settlement agreement which was proffered following the submission of a workplace grievance. The termination settlement agreement included Confidentiality terms and conditions prohibiting publication of content disparaging PGS stakeholders. It is 4 July 2021 and their has been multiple publications that have disparaged PGS stakeholders. Yet, PGS or any of its stakeholders, has ever cited a breach in the contract? SDK is a geophysicist and not a lawyer. But, over time SDK has deduced the that grievance was legally and contractually protected public disclosure. SDK was terminated illegally through a fraudulent termination settlement agreement. This is the reason that SDK has been able to publish so much material. Whistleblowing is protected and such agreements to silence whistleblowers are illegal under Norwegian law and clauses which prohibit whistleblowing are unenforceable under English law. Of course, the reality in Norway is that corporate executives are above the law and allowed to defraud and rob citizens and those who invest in Norwegian companies in the belief that laws are fairly applied.

Open Letter to the Office of the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg (12 July 2019)

Norwegian corporate executives were not only permitted, but also rewarded, for defrauding and defaming a USA citizen whistleblower who caught-on to the fact that business practices were not as nearly as pristine as the Responsibility Reports or contracts stated that they were. Norwegian companies gain advantage by the perception that business dealings with them are some of the least corrupt in the world. Transparency International publishes their Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 180 countries and Norway always rates one of the least corrupt places to do business. SDK was proud to work for the Norwegian based PGS for this reason especially. When SDK did present information that laws were being broken by PGS Exploration (UK) Limited executives, he expected a fair and timely resolution. SDK did not expect the violent and illegal whistleblower retaliation.

Norwegian, UK, and USA agents have been allowed to defraud and defame – blacklist – a USA citizen whistleblower. But, in the process Norwegian, UK, and USA agents have also defrauded government agencies in these countries. This is all very illegal and morally bankrupt. All the perpetrators of these crimes against SDK and his family are not punished, but protected and often promoted. It is essential that Norway maintain the false perception of their corruption. A positive perception of Norwegian businesses is beyond reproach allows the criminal corporate and political elite to remain in power. In the final analysis, one has to ask themselves reasonably, what purpose have Confidentiality terms and conditions which prohibit the publication of disparaging content if SDK can publish that Reinhardsen is a “lying criminal cunt” repeatedly?

A fraudulent contract is not enforceable and points to a wider criminal conspiracy intended to silence the exposing criminal activity in a Norwegian corporation. In sparsely populated Norway, all corporations are connected and exposing corruption in one, exposes a wider-spread corruption in corporate socialist Norway. As a victim of these crimes and continued harassment, lies, and retaliation, the damage from the betrayal has been significant to SDK, but even more so to his dependent family members who were owed a duty of care and fond memories of living in England. This is why I will continue to expose the moral weakness and lack of human decency and unprofessionalism of my former co-workers. The persons names have been named and accusations published. Personally, SDK does not know how you sleep at night. It is SDKs hope that for many nights in the future all of you will awaken in prison reconsidering your cowardice and submission to evil for upward mobility and money. Because we know that you have been rewarded for protecting criminals and that’s a crime in of itself!

If SDK claims are not true, then invoke the terms and conditions of the termination settlement contract.