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Open Letter to US Vice President Kamala Harris and Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Equinor – Investigate your Chairman of the Board Nominee (3 June 2019)

RE: 9 March 2021 US Vice President Kamala Harris call with Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Dear White House,

I am a US citizen who is married to a Thai citizen.  We have two daughters and a son who currently hold US-Thai citizenship.

I was employed by a Norwegian company for several years.  My final assignment was with the subsidiary in England.  In England, I became a whistleblower.  My life turned upside-down at that point.  The hardship has very much impacted the health and wellbeing of my two daughters especially, but of course the retaliation has impacted everything connected to me.

I have written the Prime Minister and also published the “Open Letter” online.  I have also written to the previous White House Administration.  I have submitted complaints to the FBI, as well as the UK and Norway police.  A principal perpetrator of the fraud, extortion, defamation, discrimination, and harassment of a US citizen and his US-Thai family is the Chairman of the Board of Norway’s largest company majority owned by the government, Equinor.  

Norway is not a very populated country and it seems that the political and corporate leaders move in the same circles.  Norway has the reputation of being low-corruption.  But, my experience doesn’t confirm this published belief.

As a US citizen, I was denied due process that I was legally and contractually entitled to.  Equinor Chairman of the Board, Jon Erik Reinhardsen oversaw the bribing of my legal counsel to form a settlement contract supported by defamatory forged documents.  

I will publish this letter online, as I have published several other articles.  The settlement contract has Confidentiality terms and conditions which prohibit the publication of content that disparages the company or any of its agents.  I have been publishing accusations of fraud and embezzlement since 2015!  However, no breach is cited because the contract is fraudulent and supported by forged documents.

(to be continued)

RE: 9 March 2021 US Vice President Kamala Harris call with Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg

continued – part 2

I am not a lawyer.  I am a exploration geophysicist who help oil companies locate oil and gas reserves.  I was working in the business unit focused on Africa projects.  I had on previous assignments worked inside Angola and Nigeria.

I was sponsored by a Tier 2 visa and my wife and daughters (son was not born yet) lived with me in England on dependent visas.  The company did many illegal things to avoid dealing with a grievance claiming workplace harassment and discrimination.  Harassment is horrible anywhere, but this behavior was happening to me in a foreign country.

The main issue is that I was denied due process and false data was used to process the termination that did not coincide with the data used to get my work visa.  So, basically, the company lied to the immigration services of the UK, US and Thailand.  

I have published over 100 complaints.  I have been threatened and even blackmailed with vexatious litigation.  It was corrupt lawyers who agreed to process forged documents to support an illegal contract used to end my employment and blacklist me in the US.  The company shared my data globally, which I have reported to be US mail and wire fraud to the US.  Of course, every penny spent on their harassment of me is embezzlement and theft from shareholders.

I am sad to say that I believe Prime Minister Solberg is party to the obstruction of justice and protection of criminal Jon Erik Reinhardsen.     If the settlement contract is a legal instrument, they could sue me.  As I said, this letter will be published online at

I have been obstructed from the legal process and a fraudulent silence.  It is like being a victim of gang rape, as an article that I published claimed.  I have evidence of several powerful people doing illegal things.  But, I am silenced!  The powerful are not playing by their own rules.

(continued)RE: 9 March 2021 US Vice President Kamala Harris call with Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg

continued – part 3

The victim – accuser always has to play by the rules.  If they do not, the powerful will exploit any impropriety to its full extent.  The victim – accuser is always under-resourced because the powerful can misdirect resources to make their case.

All I have ever requested is a fair legal process.  But, most of my articles and whistleblowing is simply ignored.  The damage to me and my family is severe, especially for my daughters.  

Professor Freyd out of University of Oregon coined the acronym D.A.R.V.O. which describes the process corrupt actors use to damage accusers.  D = Deny, A = Attack, R = Reverse, V = Victim,  O = Offender.  This strategy is used against female victims of assault by powerful men (usually) in their institutions.  It is also used against whistleblowers.

The families of victims of harassment and discrimination suffer greatly.  If we are serious about helping boys and girls, we need to investigate and remove harassers who violate their obligations in the workplace.  

I believe that investigating Equinor – who lost millions of US dollars in US operations – will reveal many corrupt practices that harm US and Norwegian citizens.  Powerful men (especially) and women must be thoroughly investigated for harassment and discrimination claims.

Please ask the FBI to investigate the Equinor and Telenor board of directors, as well as the directors of PGS ASA.

My family and future demand justice.

Best regards,
Steven Kalavity

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