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This publication is legally protected public interests disclosure, or whistleblowing, provided through contracts governed by the laws of England referencing UK Public Interests Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA). Watson, Farley & Williams advised PGS ASA on contracts between PGS ASA and SDK governed by the laws of England. Why are Watson, Farley & Williams silent now?

Duensing Kippen have allegedly been bribed by PGS ASA UK subsidiary to illegally breach contracts governed by the laws of England and blackmail / extort a USA citizen foreign worker whistleblower. The (fraudulent) contract that SDK was compelled under threat of criminal prosecution in Thailand is illegal under Norway law and gagging clauses unenforceable under UK laws. The Duensing – Kippen contract had two resolution jurisdictions: The Kingdom of Thailand and USA, Houston, Texas. Lawyers Tippaya Moonmanee and Olaf Duensing misrepresented their qualification to adjudicate in US Federal Court. MORE FRAUD!

On 15 May 2018, Thailand law firm Duensing – Kippen formally acted to become a co-conspirator to defraud, defame and endanger the health and welfare of a USA citizen, his Thai citizen wife, and their Thai – USA children. Duensing – Kippen delivered an illegal letter making knowingly false claims at the behest of Norwegian company PGS ASA, Global law firm Watson, Farley, & Williams, along with UK Law firm LZW Solicitors. I believe that Duensing – Kippen avoided normal due diligence and knowingly ignored violating contractual jurisdiction issues and whistleblower protection laws (PIDA). The forementioned legal firms were bribed by my former employer, PGS ASA, to violate the law and invalidate previous agreements governed by the laws of England. As an agent of an English company, Duensing – Kippen are breaking the laws of England and Thailand to persecute a USA citizen victim of fraud and abuse. Threatening e-mail correspondence to a USA citizen is mail/wire fraud and RICO Act violations. The conspirators wanted to silence my evidence backed accusations of crimes and escape answering accusations in the English legal system where multiple laws were (alleged) violated. SDK submitted his first report to UK ActionFraud (police) 24 August 2015 upon my first realizing I was a victim of fraud. I have submitted several reports since then! The PGS ASA and Watson, Farley & Williams corporate governance and legal compliance / audit aparatus are dysfunctional and criminally corrupt. The UK police aparatus are also notably disfunctional and most fraud reports are not investigated and fraudsters are free to run amuck!

Most my posts have been a plea for government legal authorities to take action and investigate. My accusations are backed by evidence, unlike the ridiculous fraudulent claims submitted by Duensing – Kippen on behalf of PGS ASA!

Victims of organized corporate crime do not have the resources nor authority to punish white collar criminals, such as the several identified within my blog posts and articles. PGS ASA and Watson, Farley & Williams have all of the necessary avenues of legal recourse available to them within the English legal system.

PGS ASA and Watson, Farley & Williams are illegally using and corrupting the Thailand criminal justice system to avoid the English legal system.

  • Conspiracy
  • Harassment
  • Bribery
  • Blackmail / Extortion
  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Uttering forged documents
  • Destruction of Evidence
  • Domain Theft
  • False Imprisonment
  • Perverting the course of justice
  • Defrauding Government agencies in UK, USA, Norway & Thailand

I am a USA citizen married to a Thai woman. From September 2010 – December 2013, I worked in England. PGS Exploration UK Limited, 4 The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, England KT13 0NY (PGSUK) sponsored me on a employment Tier 2 visa (Special Occupation List). My wife and I, along with our Thai – USA citizen children were all sponsored by PGSUK to live in England. D We were all owed a Duty of Care by PGSUK when we lived there from 26 September 2010 – 31 December 2020. PGS violated the terms and conditions of my employment contract multiple times. When I complained to key Norwegian executives about the misconduct, breach of contract, health and safety violations, and violations in UK law, parent company, PGS ASA retaliated. I was illegally terminated through fraudulent contract supported by uttered forged documents intended to illegally blacklist me in the industry. The fraud reached the very top of the organization and its board of directors. Watson, Farley and Williams negotiated the final termination settlement contract terms and conditions, as well as advised PGS on my Tier 2 visa. All involved lawyers have remained silent.

Two contracts were signed between myself and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited. Both were governed by the laws of England and contained clauses protecting whistleblowing through the Public Interests Disclosure Act 1998 [PIDA]. Where does Duensing – Kippen get the legal authority to breach / bypass contracts governed by the laws of England?

Duensing – Kippen decided to aid in the assault and robbery of me and my law – abiding Thai family. Duensing – Kippen’s threats terrorized my mother – in – law to the extent that she went to the hospital. She was very very traumatized and made ill by the illegal actions taken by Duensing – Kippen.

The charges drafted by Duensing – Kippen are fraudulent and supported by no evidence whatsoever. All lawyer refuse to acknowledge my publications as legal and protected public disclosure exposing criminal activity at the highest level of three (3) organizations: PGS ASA, Watson, Farley & Williams, and Landau Law (formally LZW Solicitors). The three (3) companies, two of which are law firms, participated in forming the final termination settlement contract which I claim to be fraudulent. All agents mentioned within my publications are all located in England. The contract is written in the English language. However, PGSUK is paying Duensing – Kippen to translate publications from English into Thai? .

Duensing – Kippen has decided to become an active part of the criminal conspiracy and cover-up through further damaging and traumatizing the victims crimes perpetrated by their client, PGS Exploration UK Limited. THESE ARE MY CLAIMS, BACKED BY DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE. I PLEA FOR A FAIR AND OBJECTIVE THOROUGH INVESTIGATION – what PGS ASA policy promises. UK Police are disfunctional and have refused multiple reports/requests to investigate.

Duensing – Kippen presents NO EVIDENCE of DEFAMATION. Carl Richards is a lawyer and former Company Secretary for PGS Exploration UK Limited. Why isn’t Richards citing the terms and conditions of the employment contract he oversaw that’s governed by the laws of England?

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