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Why Norway’s Equinor Loses Money Overseas


If Norway does not enforce the provisions of the NORWEGIAN CODE OF PRACTICE FOR CORPORATE GOVERNANCE on EQUINOR and TELENOR that are majority state owned, then Norway is poorly serving its public.

Norway allows a privileged corporate and political elite to cooperate and operate outside the bounds of Norwegian law and export corruption to other countries. Norway does not investigate whistleblower claims and facilitates the harsh and abusive retaliation of whistleblowers, contrary to the laws of Norway and other countries.

PGS ASA and Equinor Board of Directors are so corrupt that they can no longer function to protect their reputation and value. PGS ASA contracts are fraudulent and supported by forged and defamatory documents in order to illegally terminate and black list a USA foreign worker whistleblower. PGS ASA conspired with and bribed lawyers from Watson Farley & Williams and Landau Zeffertt & Weir to utter the forged documents. PGS ASA and the bribed lawyers withheld an Occupational Health Nurse report from their victim placing his family’s health and safety in danger. PGS ASA joined the UN Global Compact immediately following breaching most every principle of the UN Global Compact through mobbing, discriminating, defrauding, and defaming a USA citizen and his dependent family members that they were contractually obligated to exercise a Duty of Care. PGS ASA refuses to litigate in England where they have broken a multitude of laws and engaged in human rights abuses. PGS ASA defrauded UK and Norway data protection agencies and UK immigration Border Agency all to AVOID RESPONSIBILITY! SDK can PROVE ALL OF THIS IN EITHER THE UK or NORWAY. But, Norway is perverting the course of justice and allowing a foreign worker crime victim to not find justice. Jon Erik Reinhardsen knows everything printed is true. But, Norway protects this criminal and robs Norwegians and the global community.

Articles about Norway’s Equinor (StatOil) Corrupt Chairman of the Board, Jon Erik Reinhardsen

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PGS ASA has acknowledged that the Company brand and value has diminished since 2013. In September 2018, PGS ASA and former Secretary of PGS ASA UK subsidiary PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Weybridge, England, KT13 0NY, engaged Thailand law firm Duensing – Kippen to file CRIMINAL DEFAMATION charges and civil charges against former employee and whistleblower, USA citizen SDK who was residing in Thailand.

At the time, PGS ASA and SDK were bound by TWO (2) Contracts GOVERNED BY THE LAWS OF ENGLAND. The contracts governed by the laws of England contained Confidentiality terms and conditions which prohibits former employee’s from publishing content that disparages the Company.

SDK first published legally protected public disclosure (whistleblowing) regarding PGS ASA Board of Directors and Executive Management corruption and fraud 3 July 2015. Initial publications were published on the LinkedIN™ Pulse platform. NO LEGAL ACTION FOR CONTRACT BREACH WAS EVER TAKEN AGAINST SDK. PGS ASA management was not responsive to my claims and never even attempted to contact me. SDK actually made efforts to contact PGS ASA Compliance. (Pedersen was General Counsel and Legal Compliance at the time.)

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The contracts governed by the laws of England referenced the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA), as well as the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). PGS ASA NEVER ABIDED BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT. PGS ASA never investigated the whistleblowing charges. Instead, SDK was further defamed and defrauded by PGS ASA. SDK was restricted on LinkedIN™. PGS ASA never had to address allegations of criminal and corrupt Board of Directors and Executive behavior in a court of law.

In August 2016, SDK started NOPGS.COM and published his legal protected public disclosure on this site, free from the censorship of ignorant social media gate-keepers. SDK regarded this litigation as illegal extortion / blackmail. However, SDK capitulated to take NOPGS.COM offline from November – December 2018. NOPGS.COM was stolen and content destroyed in December 2018 through the PGS ASA sponsored litigation by Duensing – Kippen in Thailand.


PGS ASA Board of Directors and Compliance has now referenced SDKs breach of two agreements that he was forced to sign under threat of criminal prosecution in Thailand. PGS ASA has never clarified the status of the two contracts governed by the laws of England. However, SDK believes that PGS ASA does not have the legal authority to take away his legal rights governed by the laws of England, including the right to legally publish protected disclosure. PGS ASA cannot give power of attorney to a Thai law firm to take away his legal rights. Further, gagging clauses or clauses that restrict publication of protected disclosure are not enforceable under the laws of England.

Rune Olav Pedersen, PGS ASA CEO & President was acting General Counsel and Legal Compliance when it was decided to retaliate against a foreign worker, USA citizen, whistleblower and his family. Pedersen is a trained lawyer and knowingly oversaw serious violent crimes to illegally expel whistleblower SDK. These crimes have included defrauding government agencies in Norway, England, and the USA. More recently, PGS ASA has engaged in bribery, extortion, blackmail, and harassment to AVOID THE LEGAL SYSTEMS OF ENGLAND and NORWAY!

The PGS ASA Board of Directors has allowed the value and reputation of the company and many of its employees to be diminished so they will not have to answer serious questions and be held accountable for their many alleged criminal and non-compliant acts of retaliation against a foreign worker USA citizen whistleblower and his Thai family.

The PGS ASA Board of Directors have been able to avoid the defending fraudulent contracts governed by the laws of England and have instead engaged in illegal litigation and blackmail within the Kingdom of Thailand. PGS ASA has NO business subsidiary in the Kingdom of Thailand. The legal actions are a breach of their legal jurisdiction and the terms and conditions of ongoing contracts.

When PGS ASA contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions in place to protect reputation and value become impotent due to Board of Directors corruption, shareholders, the oil and gas industry and its professionals are irreparably damaged and the lives of innocent whistleblowers and their children destroyed. Norway’s system allows violent corporate criminals to be promoted and enriched and not punished. This injustice is repugnant.

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